We’ll be looking at the Diablo 2 Resurrected Wild Druid Build

Wind Druid is one of the most commonly preferred builds for the Druid class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the highs and lows of Diablo 2 Resurrected Wild Druid Build and show you how to set up the character for maximum performance.

If you’re needing a character that can do everything from magic finding to PVP, an Elemental Druid might be exactly what you’re after, AKA Wind Druid. They can get past all of the content in the game and are a blast to play. This build will provide you with tankiness, damage, and a bit of magic finding to provide you a well rounded character.

Some classes have skills that are great through the endgame and the Druid has a few of them. The Cyclone Armor will block every element except for poison, freeing the Druid up to invest in damage instead of defense. Twister and Tornado can be cast simultaneously and all do physical damage. In the rare event that a physically immune creature enters the battlefield, Hurricane will deal cold damage.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Wind Druid Build
The Wind Druid build in D2 Resurrected is not dependent upon gear and heavily focuses on Tornado and Hurricane skills, making them the top two attacks in its arsenal.

Skill Points
The total amount of skill points you will be needing to max out is 106. 12 of which will be provided from quests, meaning you’ll be level 95 when maxed out. However, Oak Sage will be the last thing you end up maxing out. The main source of damage will be coming from your Hurricane, Twisters, and Tornados.
Elemental Skills

Arctic Blast [1]
Cyclone Armor [20]
Twister [20]
Tornado [20]
Hurricane [20]

Shapeshifting Skills
Summoning Skills

Raven [1]
Summon Spirit Wolf [1]
Summon Dire Wolf [1]
Summon Grizzly [1]
Poison Creeper [1] – Optional
Oak Sage [20] – This is where you’ll be getting most of your tankiness and the last thing you max out.

Stat Points
Keep in mind when you’re starting out fresh, your stats will look much different than when you are fully geared up. You have the ability to reroll your stats 3 times on each character, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Strength – Just enough strength to equip all of your gear.
Dexterity – Enough to achieve max block (75%). Keep in mind your max block will drop every couple of levels so keep an eye on it as you will need to drop a couple points in Dexterity as you level.
Vitality – All remaining points.
Energy – None.

To equip the Monarch shield with the Spirit Runeword, the Druid is going to need 156 strength. Every other piece of gear has a lower requirement than that. Getting 75% block chance with dexterity will help block errant attacks that the Druid’s summons let slip by. The mana needed to cast these spells will be provided by potions and spells, no need for energy investment. Putting every available attribute in vitality makes the Druid an effective tank despite being a caster.

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It is Iruna Online, a real and actual MMO complete with open worlds

Asobimo should be a name you are familiar with after reporting on their Monster Hunter style multiplayer game called Frontier Gunner which is currently a Japan only release. Everyone wants that game to come to the English audience and now Asobimo has launched their first English localized title onto Android which is an MMORPG called Iruna Online.

It’s Iruna Online, a real and actual MMO complete with open worlds, “millions” of other players, quests, equipment and monsters. In fact, the game reminds me in some ways of Final Fantasy XI. Iruna Online is not the first mobile MMO that has felt like the Square-Enix favorite, perhaps because they all share a similar art style. As I played, it struck me that the newer smartphones have enough power to run a game that looks as good as Final Fantasy XI, albeit with some graphics options turned down or off.

One of the best game graphic recorded on android phones and it is so so lovely and also simplified. i will say there is nothing wrong with the graphic. It was awesome and neat as visuals was nicely pictured and all angles seen properly. All 3D angles pertaining this highly placed ROLE PLAYING GAME (RPG) game was properly pictured by ASOBIMO INC GAME server and that helps to portrait the game story properly. I really love a lot of it features as graphic was light and cool with eyes not some graphic that that affects eyes and added some defect also. I just love the realistic work been portrayed when you talking variable about the animation as it is just too awesome. All thanks to the game developer indeed they gave their best.

The story in Iruna Online goes like this: The world of Iruna was created by 12 gods, all of whom ended up battling it out with each other after the creation of Iruna. This resulted in the world of Iruna being broken up into four separate countries who are also battling it out to this day.

In addition, you must assign yourself to one of the 8 existing classes in the game: Paladin, Gladiator, Sniper, Assassin, High Wizard, Enchanter, Bishop and Monk. Each of these classes will depend on the initial class, Warrior or Mage, which you will have to develop up to level 120 to reach them. Also, there are special assignments for all classes, which you can access at level 100: Samurai, Ninja and Minstrel.

Combat is pretty typical for the mobile market. You walk up to a monster and either a targeting cursor or a marker pops up around the monster nearest you, or you can simply touch on the monster you want to attack. Another touch fires off your attack, or you can hit a hotkey. It’s a simple system that can occasionally lead to some confusion, but overall it works quite nicely on the smaller screen. I tend to prefer the Pocket Legends-style of combat that utilizes auto-attack and targeting. It’s better suited for action-style games, though, but could be tweaked for games that offer more traditional MMO combat.

As we all knows that a game without good and efficient control is like a man without Brain as this game carries/features a control that sees you explore it by been able to move your hands across the screen. This Controls goes along way to serving and adding values to all game. The control here has no in depth explanation as it is simplified. With this normal in house control, you can simply Move. Jump, strike and also possess a lot of combos with this unique control.

Iruna Online Coins is the one of the important in-game currency, which lets you buy items, armor, equipment and so much more. However, the endless grind of leveling up in Iruna Online can be tiring—and downright time-consuming! Nobody wants to exert the effort just to go through the motions of farming. Why waste your precious in-game hours doing the same monotonous tasks for money when there’s so much more content to enjoy? Well, don’t let the grind suck the fun out of your Iruna Online experience. By getting the most out of all the Iruna Online Coin offers here at Z2U.com, you’ll have ample resources, items to just enjoy the game for the experience it can bring you—as it should be!

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