It seems that the beginning of Aion Classic was not very exciting

Aion is getting a legacy server right now, taking the famous MMORPG back to its good old days, but with various quality of life improvements. Aion Classic is available as free-to-play and with an optional subscription-based model in case you want the best experience. In case you don’t remember, Aion launched as a premium MMO before it shifted to a F2P business model.

Although you can already purchase a subscription and plunge headlong into a full-fledged adventure. Since it will be difficult to play without a subscription. For players from CIS countries a VPN is required.

Along with the launch of the servers, a special Global First event was launched. And its meaning boils down to the fact that the players must, competing with each other, reach the specified peaks. For more clarity, you can, for example, be the first to reach the 50th character level.

Aion Classic raised all the eyebrows this week when it launched with a subscription with what is arguably an economic pay-to-win feature baked right into it. It’s not entirely clear what if anything will be done by NCsoft to rectify the situation, but it’s worth reminding game companies that the people who want a return to the old days in classic servers are looking for a return not just to old mechanics but to old monetization. They might be willing to pay a premium and even a subscription, but a wrecked economy from day one isn’t going to ensure goodwill, longevity, or profit.

In addition to this obvious issue, the community has also complained about the Battle Pass price, mentioning that the price is not compatible with the game’s subscription model. It should be noted that, for now, NCSoft has not issued any kind of statement aimed at appeasing the players’ spirits. All that has been released by the developer so far has been a set of information about release events. Anyway, it seems that the beginning of Aion Classic was not very exciting and what remains for us is to keep an eye on the controversies and in this matter the P2W.

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