Bladebound is a fairly typical hack and slash gameplay wise

There’s certainly no shortage when it comes to action RPGs on Android, but that’s not stopping Artifex Mundi from throwing itself in the ring. Breaking from its tradition of adventure games, Bladebound is the company’s first attempt at an action RPG.

So what exactly is Bladebound all about? In short, the game is basically an old-school top view hackfest in similar vein to games like Diablo. That means you get all the genre must-haves including hundreds of weapons, armor, and other loot yours for the plundering. There’s also dozens of skills, spells, and three different difficulties. Furthermore, there’s several character customization options presented in the game.

In Bladebound, you are a fabled, awesome warrior that absolutely destroys everything in its path. Until, at the end of the tutorial mission, you are defeated and cast down, diminished in power and removed from reality for centuries. Until finally, after awakening, it’s time to come back and save the world. If you want to know where to buy Bladebound Items, will be your best choice.

Bladebound is a fairly typical hack and slash gameplay wise, but the pacing is something entirely different – it is intensely fast and quick flowing, though not at all overwhelming. Enemies are frequently appearing or jumping out of the sky to be swung at, but the interesting thing is that it’s never particularly frustrating. You can destroy most individual enemies with a single hit, leaving the slightly larger ones needing a little bit more smacking to finally put down.

Since this is a free-to-play game, there’s all the gems, orbs, and energy aspects you’d expect, though it seems to be pretty playable even without parting with your hard earned cash. Things like energy automatically refill over time, and gold can be found easy enough throughout your adventures. Overall, this seems like a pretty fun game, though far from groundbreaking. One major downside is that the game does require you to be online, as character data is stored in the cloud.

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