Interchange is confirmed to receive a complete rework in Escape from Tarkov update

In Escape from Tarkov, Interchange is a large map that features a shopping mall situated at the intersection of two expressways. That map is getting a rework in the next patch, and the new version will take some getting used to.

While Battlestate Games hasn’t said exactly what’s coming in the Interchange rework, it has disclosed that the new version of the map will feature new exfil points. That’s of particular importance if you spend a lot of time playing as a Scav, since you’ll need to learn the new exits and commit them to memory if you plan on leaving Interchange with any of the loot you’ve banged up during your latest trip to the mall. The rework also features new lighting and interactive objects for Interchange.

The 0.12.4 patch will also add a number of features to make Tarkov’s survival mechanics even more punishing. A new addition to the stamina system is ‘fatigue’–if your character spends too much time with low stamina, the fatigue debuff will cause you to use energy more quickly. Stamina has also been split into leg stamina and arm stamina, meaning you’ll have to balance out actions that use the upper body and the lower body to prevent stamina from draining. To add to this is a new weight mechanic, which will make characters slower, more stamina-hungry and louder when overburdened. In addition, Cheap EFT Dollars is on hot sale at our website

There is also interactive lightning, which players can decide whether or not they should turn it on. It can be turned on from the power station, which turns on the alarm in the trade center but could also be a power provider for some of the new extractions, similar to Labs.The developers haven’t discovered the extraction areas, but they’ve provided a good overview of the changes.

The new patch will also introduce a weight mechanic. If players carry too much, they’ll be weighed down, which comes with several debuffs. Players who are weighed down will make more noise, won’t be able to move as quickly, and will end up spending more stamina even faster. Players will have to keep this in mind, along with several other pro tips, if they want to escape the nightmare.

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