PlayFirst released its latest Dash game Hotel Dash: Suite Success

PlayFirst, Inc., the award-winning entertainment company, today announced the upcoming launch of Hotel Dash: Suite Success, a new addition to their best-selling Dash time management series. Bringing an all new vertical twist to the patented time-management gameplay of the Dash series, Hotel Dash: Suite Success puts the well-known characters of Quinn and Flo into an all new hotel setting, with a new entrepreneurial hotel venture to tackle. Hotel Dash: Suite Success will be available at November 24th.

Players helps Flo launch Quinn’s new travel business by running themed hotels, managing the flow of new & familiar guests, and fulfilling their unique needs & requests – in order to earn tips to refurbish hotels. Starting with a ramshackle DinerTown™ hotel, players jump into a time management puzzle that sends them up and down the elevator, with a goal of keeping things in order to keep customers happy! Tasks include delivering luggage, handing off fresh towels and providing room service, while attending to room mishaps and customer whims. Players must travel from top floors to the lobby via the hotel elevators, ensuring smooth hotel operations and collecting tips upon checkout. Juggling customer demands with logistics and an ever-ticking clock, players must be strategic in organizing their time versus customers’ patience and personalities. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Hotel Dash Items, you can visit our website

As the game progresses, players can manage customer temperament by delivering mood-brightening extras, like floral arrangement and gift baskets. With their earnings, players can then upgrade the rooms and common areas of the hotel, fully renovating them and expanding Quinn’s new business. As the business succeeds, Quinn and Flo tackle additional hotels, with themes ranging from ski retreat to city getaway, taking on new challenges and challenging new guest types.

The game will see players starting off in a rickety-shack of a hotel as they work their way up to the five-star treatment. Players will also take control of both Flo and Quinn for the first time in a brand new setting with a ton of new time-related action-puzzles to complete. Like previous entries in the franchise, players will have to work against the clock to meet costumer satisfaction by bringing them everything necessary to make their stay at the hotel an enjoyable one, including gift baskets, floral arrangements, and a bevy selection of other hotel accoutrements.

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