G5 Games’ new Match-3 genre game Pirates & Pearls: A Treasure Matching Puzzle now available on iOS

Match 3 puzzle games are a dime a dozen on mobile platforms. To stand out, it takes something more than just being another match 3 game. There must be a certain charm to the events, something intangible but cool for fans to latch onto, and the graphics must be better than normal. Pirates & Pearls is just that, another match 3 game that has all the pieces to be a great game. There is charm like Candy Crush Saga, the graphics are cute, if not sometimes a little whimsical, and the audio is not grating.

As you play through the levels of Pirates & Pearls you will traverse oceans, islands, etc. You will also build gold mines, boats, help people along the way, and backtrack to get supplies for later levels. Not exactly “piratey” stuff but this is a game that is clearly aimed at the family, not just the adults looking for murder, swashbuckling romance, and plunder.

Some of the quests you will have to complete include finding a shovel, helping the bar owner, building a gold mine, building a boat, etc. These are all quests that are completed by playing certain levels again, or more than once if the quest item is only available after the second or third playthrough (quite often). If you are in need of Cheap Pirates and Pearls Accounts, come to z2u.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

The pirate charm comes through in the power ups and helpful items you can collect. There is a hand hook that can remove one block from the playfield. There are parrots that will randomly remove pieces from the screen helping setup combos, or just royally messing you up. There are a ton of these things available and they help keep the game interesting without knocking you over the head detailing how things work.

There are In App Purchases to watch for, the developers and publishers must make money somehow. You are limited to five attempts at levels before you are stuck waiting for them to recharge or buying more with real world money. All the powerups you can collect in the game are available immediately if you want to drop some cash on Pirates & Pearls.

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