millions of game fans long awaited NBA 17

September 20, US time, millions of fans and game fans long awaited large electronic game will officially visit various internet. Many are familiar with this game for NBA players and NBA players, it’s more than a video game itself. Real-time data updates, updates injuries, even if players will be synchronized for a pair of shoes in your video game, which has become almost a way of socializing among many fans. Many NBA players have a soft spot for the game, such as “to improve their 2K data” and playing the white side; often all night playing games about teammate Kelly Owen and so on. Just last year, 2k16 create 800 million copies sold in this year’s series of works, Bryant and Paul – George under appeal, 2K17 whether it can achieve better results, let us first to see 2k17 mt

“Prequel” value for money
For the “prequel” 2k17 PS4 and XBOX platform in the pre-issue free (the free version), you can demo “My Career” mode. You can create your own characters, players set their own appearance, you can even scan a client by phone your own avatar, and generates an almost identical with their “players” in the game. In the game, you will enter the university as a new freshman in college before you have to choose what you want to read, and to strive for. At this stage you can have unlimited fire power, and your college teammates did not trustworthy. Although cutscenes intervals sometimes too long, but at almost 30 minutes a game demo process, I was for the story and overall production has a very big surprise.

This prequel in the coolest thing is that you are really at the University of the arena and a large school team players in their role play.

Career Mode: Interesting but strange Coach K
Then later prequel story. In your own rented room bored when the name of the game (game play in the game), you will receive a phone call from unforgettable Coach K. And in reality, as Coach K is on a sweet mouth, but the table “bad stomach full of water,” the coach. He will invite you to participate in the US national team’s training. From here you will be really the most brutal in the world, you will see the drive to stroll on the beach and found that no one will buy your shirts, fans will not have to fight for your dispute and fight. But was Coach K has been followed by this very strange feeling, and I am looking forward to the back, you change from one team to another team when Coach K will give you what kind of guidance.

Draft hardships
Before 2k17, and in the draft awaits Adam Silva read to your name, you can do it is to sit quietly in a daze. Until NBA president read to your name, you can like a tall bamboo shook as he took to go and hug. In 2K17, you have to stare at the big screen came in front of you read in the name of one player one stage. Such an arrangement is really very interesting for the players, not only allows you to remember all of the players ahead of you, so that when it came ahead of you players in the later game, and trigger a new story to yourself a chance to prove himself.

“My team” model: larger “open package” Feast, less messy situation
Before the series of games, this game mode is to sit tight 2K most profitable mode, players through the purchase of virtual game currency to open the card package, card package will be randomly selected historical or active players, players can mix these cards to more real players to play against. 2K single boring in the game business sectors of the economy to do the worst on model. Unpacking process long tasteless, but the sense of joy to a good start and the moment the card will be able to offset this absolutely boring. Generation game, 2K built more huge wealth of card package system, faster opening animation package, and to facilitate the game live ecosystem.