The Wandering Ancient has finally arrived in World of Warcraft

The Wandering Ancient has finally arrived in World of Warcraft. During its BlizzConline 2021 presentation, Blizzard revealed the results of a community poll that let players decide on the next big mount. It’s since been revealed that the votes overwhelmingly pointed to the Wandering Ancient—a giant living tree that serves as nature’s protector. And it’s free to anyone that has the Shadowlands expansion active on their account.

How to Get a Wandering Ancient Mount in World of Warcraft
The Wandering Ancient Mount is the result of a collaborative brainstorm between Blizzard and various World of Warcraft communities across the globe to offer players a free mount following the launch of Shadowlands.

It is now available for all Shadowlands players to download, though as alluded to above, you’ll only be able to get it if you have purchased and downloaded the new expansion with your WoW account.

Once that’s all done, the Wandering Ancient Mount can be found in your Mount Collection tab, which is accessed by pressing Shift + P.

The Wandering Ancient overwhelmingly came out on top, and the Blizzard team got to work bringing it to life, creating a walking tree mount that marks the first rideable Ancient in WoW. Just like the pint-sized Blossoming Ancient pet, the Wandering Ancient’s foliage will change with the seasons.

For players that are currently not subbed, you still have access to unlock it. Just open the retail game and log in to any level 20 or lower character — it doesn’t matter if the character has learned riding skills yet — and follow the same instructions. If you don’t have a low level character, you can simply create a new one.

In terms of sheer size, the Wandering Ancient will be among one the largest mounts in World of Warcraft. So Blizzard brought in a talented team to rig its motion as well as voice actor Glenn Stafford to bring life to the mount. Since the Wandering Ancient is colossal and, well, ancient, Blizzard wanted it to be the perfect mount for stomping around on. Its movement was purposely designed to appear cumbersome. Oh, and as a consolation prize to the Curious Caterpillar mount that came up short in the polls, a small grub has been included riding atop the Wandering Ancient.

While the Wandering Ancient was initially meant to arrive with the big Chains of Domination update, it’s instead dropped early with the smaller 9.0.5 update. While we don’t have a release window for the big Chains of Domination update yet, it’s set to bring a lot of changes and new content to the game when it drops.

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