Here are some tips that you should know for pitching in MLB The Show 21

It’s hard to think of an athletic position with more pressure than baseball’s pitcher. Even in gaming, one mistake is all it takes to end a ball game. The demands for perfection are intense and there is a genuine reason to fear when somebody like Fernando Tatis Jr. or Shohei Ohtani gets up to the plate. It’s moments like this where a gamer’s good luck just isn’t good enough.

Pitching in MLB The Show 21 is not easy. Sure, in theory, it’s very simple to pick a pitch and throw it at the plate. However, the most important part of pitching is to limit the opposing team’s offense. If you’re making bad pitches, that’s not going to help you achieve that goal. If you’re struggling with pitching in MLB The Show 21, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips that you should know for pitching in MLB The Show.

Pitching Tips for Beginners
In general, you don’t want to use the same pitches over and over again. Choosing different speeds, pitch types, and locations will all help trip up opposing batters.

Keep in mind that you can walk a batter, which is especially useful if you’re in a close game with a player already on base and a dangerous batter is up.

Also make sure to keep an eye on your pitcher’s confidence and energy throughout the game, and warm up a replacement from the bullpen when you spot them starting to get low.

Master metered pitching mode
MLB The Show 21 brought some new pitching mechanics in with the Perfect Accuracy Region, otherwise known as “Par.” Do not use Par if you’re using this MLB The Show 21 beginners guide for pitching. Stick to the basics of using the metered pitching mode. The simple metered system easily dictates the velocity of every pitch, and determines the accuracy based on your timing of matching the yellow line’s perfect pitch delivery. Don’t make a difficult game that much harder for yourself, especially if you’re a beginner.

Switch Pitch Locations
Stubborn pitchers make the mental error of trying to land a pitch in an exact spot. Hitters will see this and be ready for the next pitch in the same area. Never throw two pitches consecutively in the same spot.

A great tactic is to throw low and in, low and away, then up and in for the strikeout. But if one of these pitches is a ball, don’t get locked into a formula. If the hitter has no idea where the next pitch will be, there are going to be some beautiful swings and misses in the immediate future.

Get familiar with the pitches
Pitching mechanics are not the only part of the game that you need to get comfortable with. Make sure that you know which pitches your player utilizes, before jumping into a game. This tip is useful in both online and offline play, and here’s why: doing so will allow you to build a game plan and decide how to attack in an upcoming game.

Pure Analog
The fifth and final option for pitching in MLB The Show 21 is the Pure Analog Interface, which is probably the least used of the five.

While not a favorite, Pure Analog can also provide a manageable challenge when compared to Pinpoint Pitching.

If you’re not yet sure which pitching style you prefer, give Pure Analog a try, and you’ll need to use the right stick entirely to get the timing down.

Like most of these interfaces, it’ll take some time to really nail the nuances and start executing pitches like you want to.

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