Illusion Connect is Coming to the West

If you haven’t heard of Illusion Connect, that’s only because it’s not available outside China. That’s set to change in the near future, meaning we’ll all get to see why this gorgeous tactical RPG has taken the far east by storm.

In case you need reminding, Illusion Connect is a stunning anime RPG that sees you recruiting and training Radiants, as well as socializing with them and sprucing up your headquarters.

It sees you battling, too, sending your Radiants off to fight the forces of evil in perfectly balanced teams. The game’s killer twist, though, is the way it integrates socializing and fighting by increasing the stats of your Radiants as you hang out with them through a variety of social modes.

All the radiants are from these different factions and have different skills and own stories. Register now to get tons of cool rewards and become the first one to explore more in the game: You can sign up using either your email address or your phone number.

Frantiva is the main character from the Uroboros faction. Uroboros despises mankind and wants to unleash its nightmares into the real world. Frantiva was once a shining light of the SEED faction, but betrayed them and started working for the enemy. That’s a decision that has made things super difficult for Frantiva’s sister, who remains loyal to SEED.

The Tobunkai is a yakuza faction that was founded by Radiants to defend the weak, but lost its way. It still defends the weak, but by committing crimes such as fencing forged goods.

The Phoenix faction is a financial consortium – not your typical idea of a dominant military presence, but Phoenix is as powerful as they come, with a global reach and a management team made up of Radiant bigwigs.

The SEED is the longest standing Radiant faction, and it’s an unambiguous force for good. SEED exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to extinguish Nightmares.

Players will meet more than 60 different characters in the first release version, including six different factions, different occupation positionings and different skill settings. These enrich the combat experience, as players can combine them in different ways.

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