How to Improve Courage in Persona 4 Golden

As you reach a particular level in Persona 4 Golden, a concept called social stats allows you to access more in-game comments and social connections. Players must raise several of their social attributes, notably courage, to fully enjoy Personal 4 Gold. So, this article will explain to players how to increase your bravery in Persona 4 Golden. In order to succeed in the game, players must have enough Cheap Persona 4 Golden.

How to muster up the courage

Players in Persona 4 Gold have a variety of options for enhancing the main character’s bravery. They include, among other things, traveling, reading books, riding scooters, and working part-time:


Job part-time

Gamers might begin working at the hospital to strengthen the protagonist’s social relationship with courage. The Central Shopping District’s town bulletin board is where the protagonist can apply for jobs (North).


The fact that hospital shifts are only offered on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evenings should be noted.


Consume unique and rotting meals

Eating spoiled food in Persona 4 Gold requires a little courage, just like it does in real life. The refrigerator in Dojima has Rotten Food. Yu will inform the main character that the food in the refrigerator is either expired or something she is unfamiliar with. But keep in mind that rotten food only appears on particular days:


Date of rotten food




Every day between 5/30-6/1








Books and work

Reading particular books and working in hospitals are the best ways to get courage points. Check out the bookstore in the commercial area next to the gas station. The following books influence the protagonist’s bravery:


lonesome man who is always macho

The courage earned from medical labor is doubled by reading “100 Ghost Tales.”


The protagonist spends his day or evening reading. Between dungeons or on days when you don’t have as many social links available is the greatest time to read. Yosuke, Yumi/Ayane, and Naoki, among other classmates, don’t want to hang out with the main character on particular days of the week or when tests are coming up. Use this opportunity to read more motivational books.


A hospital position will be posted on Aiya’s (Chinese Diner) bulletin board on May 25 in the North Business District. Players can begin Demonic Social Links (Uehara) by applying for the position, but working there will boost courage points. Sadly, only Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights or early mornings are suitable for hospital employment.


Ride a scooter

After 6/8, players will be permitted to use scooters. The player can keep riding to raise their courage social stat after receiving the protagonist’s scooter license. In Persona 4 Golden, if a player has used a scooter three times, they will be able to ride longer for more Valor social link stats.


The Benefits of Courage

The majority of participants have probably realized that correctly answering the questions awards points for social links. If the protagonist’s social stats are below a specific level, some replies are likewise restricted. In Persona 4 Golden, a social link is totally closed until the main character musters enough bravery to open it.


The Moon Arcana/Ai Ebihara’s Social Connection can be activated by players who have Courage Level 3 (Brave). The fourth level of the Arcana of Strength contains Ebihara (Kou or Daisuke). After achieving Strength Arcana Level 4 and the necessary amount of Courage, speak with Ebihara who will be in class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons in Building 1F.


Players can Buy Persona 4 Golden in the game to get extra bravery because having enough courage enables them to respond in more “bold” ways.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Sell Unwanted Gear

Players in Hogwarts Legacy can outfit their avatars to boost various metrics like offensive and defense. As trials get harder, players constantly equip new equipment to get stronger. They then sell their old equipment to pay for new equipment or other resources. Players can use this guide to sell unwanted items in Hogwarts Legacy. In the game, players can also prepare affordable Hogwarts Legacy Accounts to purchase brand-new tools.


Where to Sell Unwanted Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Selling goods and equipment in Hogwarts Legacy is a simple operation that may need a detour but is ultimately profitable. Vendors may be found all over the map, and working with these dependable people is the key to selling your equipment. Once you locate one, you can trade with them to exchange your surplus equipment for a galleon. Additionally, the game features a number of businesses where you can sell your goods to the staff. You can open your own store and sell goods for 10% off thanks to several side missions.


Regardless of class, every shopkeeper in Hogwarts Legacy has the option to sell back used equipment for galleons. After finishing their initial courses in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Spellings as part of the main story, players proceed to Hogsmeade, a special village outside of Hogwarts, where they may easily find vendors distributed across the open area. Using a broomstick or the Floo network is substantially faster than walking to any of the vendors from Hogwarts Castle, making it much simpler to reach the Hogsmeade map.


Simply hitting the tab button on the right will send the player to their own inventory to reveal and sell their own stuff when browsing any shop vendor’s wares (such as potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy). Unfortunately, depending on whether the device was previously acquired from a retailer, the prices at which it is sold vary. In Hogwarts Legacy, players attempt to raise money by selling unwanted equipment in order to purchase more crucial weapons to combat the impending threats to the wizarding world.


The player’s inventory is a versatile tool. You can enlarge your rucksack as you advance through the Hogwarts plot and finish additional side missions. You can now locate every seller along the road because it is so simple. This is a fantastic technique to get rid of extra gear and add sail. The information provided above is a detailed explanation on how to sell items in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can purchase affordable  Hogwarts Legacy Accounts in the game to aid in purchasing new items.

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