Cyberpunk 2077: Fingers Location and Exclusive Cyberware

In Cyberpunk 2077, Finn Gerstatt, also referred to as Fingers, is a Ripperdoc who owns a shop in Westbrook’s Japantown. This guide will provide detailed instructions for identifying the location of Cyberpunk 2077 Fingers, assisting players in precisely locating the fingers and revealing rare information because his lair is challenging to find in the bustle of Night City and its crowded areas. Players must prepare a enough amount of Cyberpunk 2077 EuroDollar for Sale in order to purchase Cyberware.


Finger Location in Cyberpunk 2077

The most inexpensive ripperdoc in the game is called Fingers. This is due to the fact that he simply demands as much money as possible from his clients in exchange for Cyberwares. However, the majority of the implants he put in either used the finest available technology, were subpar, or worse. However, the following places in Cyberpunk 2077 may contain Fingers:


First, go to Night City’s Westbrook neighborhood.

After that, proceed to Japantown’s Jig-Jig Street entrance.

The Jacked And Coke sign is located after continuing on the trail and crossing a small bridge.

Once there, proceed beneath the plank on your left before turning left and ascending the steps.

Now make a right and proceed down the lane until you come across a board with the words Fingers MD inscribed on it.

Fingers is positioned next to the board.


What Fingers are for sale in Cyberpunk 2077

Players in Cyberpunk are free to purchase a variety of cyberware after they get at Fingers’ location. As was already mentioned, Fingers is one of the best ripperdocs in Cyberpunk 2077, so anyone looking to outfit themselves with cutting-edge Cyberware would do well to head over to Fingers’ office as soon as possible to pick up something like the QianT Sandevistan Mk.4, one for those who like to take their Cyberware very seriously. In Cyberpunk 2077, whomever wants to develop a David Martinez system delivers the greatest operating system.


Even though Fingers offers a wide selection of Cyberware from other Night City shops, there are also certain unique things that gamers can only find at Fingers MD. The complete list of Ripperdoc upgrades is available on IGN, but the prices of each piece of Cyberware unique to the Fingers location are mentioned below:


Operating system:

Tetratonic Mk.1: $7,500

Biotech Sigma Mk.1: $7,500

Biotech Sigma Mk.2: $15,000, 14x

Chant Sandwistan Mk.4: $35,000, 15x responses



Bionic lung: $1,000

Titanium bone: $1,500



Smart Link: $9,000, 14x street cred



Gorilla Weapon: $25,250, 25x Street Credit

Mantis Knife: $25,350, 25x Street Credit

Single Line: $25,450, 25x Street Credit

Projectile Launching System: $25,450, 25 times street cred



Ribs: $45,000, 12x Street Credit

Strengthened ankles: $45,000, 12x street cred

Strengthened ankles: $75,000

Lynx Paws: $85,001


Frontal cortex

Memory upgrade: 8 times smarter

Electromechanical core: $3,000, 8 times smarter

Limbic System Enhancement: $3,000

Visual cortex support: $3,000

Memory Upgrade: $1,500, 10x Intellect


Circulatory system

Synchro Lungs: $1,000, 8 body pieces

Biomonitor: $6,000

Tyrosine Syringes: $1,500, 12x Street Cred


Immune system

Shock and Awe: $1,500, 8x Cooler

Cataresist: $3,000, 8x Cooler

Detox: $12,000, 10x bodywork

Cataresist: $10,000, 12 times as cool

Inductor: $20,000, 12 times as cool

Cataresist: $14,000, 15 times cooler

Pain Editor: $28,000, 16x Cooler


Nervous system

Reflex Tuner: $2,500

Krenzikov: $5000

Krenzikoff: $7,500


Skin system

Subcutaneous armor: $2,000


The above is the location of the finger in Cyberpunk 2077 and the details of the exclusive Cyberware. Players can purchase Cheap Cyberpunk 2077 EuroDollar on to help find the fingers.

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