Develop your own games: Online modular game Roblox overtakes Minecraft

robux cheap At Roblox users can not only design their own virtual worlds but also their own games. You should playfully learn how to program games. Now the video game has cracked the sound barrier of more than 100 million monthly active users.

So far Minecraft was the creator game for all ages. Developers Mojang and Publisher Microsoft regularly set new records. Now they have been replaced by the independent game Roblox. As the developers announced their game this month has overtaken the big Minecraft. There are now more than 100 million monthly active users. Not only can Roblox create their own virtual worlds they can also program even small games.
financing model

Roblox is basically playable for free. In the game itself there are always different forms of advertising through partners such as Disney. Roblox has several different user groups. As a player you can buy clothes and other equipment for real money. If you are a member of the Builders Club you can also sell the virtual items. There are also independent developers who can program their own games and offer them for sale within Roblox. The game creators can decide whether they want to develop in the Roblox programming language called Lua or whether they build their game through a modular system in Roblox Studio. All in-game items as well as games with the own currency Robux are paid. To get to these you have to buy packages through real money. If you want to become a member of the Builders Club you can subscribe to a monthly subscription for just under six euros. If a game is purchased within Roblox the game developer receives 18% of the revenue.

On the one hand to keep the attractiveness for the players and on the other handrobux for sale to bring more people to the programming organize the Roblox Studios again and again events in the real world. Since 2015 the Roblox Developer Conference has given independent developers insights into the upcoming version of Roblox as well as giving them the opportunity to provide direct feedback. Already since 2008 there is the Easter Egg hunting game which takes place directly in Roblox. Here the players have to find eggs. With this game mode Roblox was the first video game to visit over a million times a week.

Facts about Roblox overtakes Minecraft:

For the first time the free online modular game Roblox has overtaken more than 100 million active users a month overtaking Minecraft.
Players can not only create their own virtual worlds but also buy new clothes for real money.
In addition independent game developers can program their own games within Roblox and then offer them for sale. offer Cheap Roblox Robux for gamers with 100% Safety Guarantee for all platforms. Buy Safe Roblox Robux for Sale for your Jailbreak and other hot games.

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