how to get and check Hot Zones in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, hot zones are something you really need to learn. Every player has them and they are very important to build and maintain a balanced team.You want to use hot zones in NBA 2K22 to gauge where to best place shots from for each player. Your team should be designed around getting your best scorers into position to use these zones. Trying to take shots from neutral or even cold zones is hard, so players will miss from there more often.

Some players are having a little trouble figuring out how to get hot zones in NBA 2K22. The fact of the matter is, this mechanic is really important in the game, but it’s not explained very well. To make matters even worse, finding any data on your hot zones is buried in a specific menu that you might not check that often. It’s all unnecessarily messy, is what I’m saying. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to hopefully help you out.

NBA 2K22 Hot Zones: How to Get and Find
The Hot Zones system has remained fairly consistent in the series — you make enough shots in a spot consistently, eventually it becomes effortless to score from there online.

In NBA 2K22, that process generally remains the same. In MyCareer, anytime players shoot the ball, it’s counted towards their Hot Zones, whether it be in games in the NBA, park, Rec, or The Market.

Anytime players shoot the ball successfully from a specific spot, it is counted towards their hot zone which eventually gets triggered once the player takes a specific number of shots. Progress for hot zones in NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode can be checked by clicking on the right stick button on the MyPlayer tab in the MyCareer menu.

Start on the roster screen for your team to find the hot zones. You can then press R (for Xbox) or R3 (for PlayStation) to bring up the player details card. Scroll through the player card using RT/R2 to then bring up the relevant screen. Hot zones are shown in red, with cold shown in blue.

By the way, here’s how to check your hot zones – go into the MyCAREER menu, and select Roster. Select your character from the roster and move the little dot through the different stats until you land on Hot Zones. The red areas are hot, blue are cold, and gray are neutral. Use that to figure out which zones of the courts you want to focus on.

Hot Zones are a free boost every player should be taking advantage of, and when combined with the Hot Zone Hunter Badge, it truly becomes simply a matter of taking open shots and knowing your shot timing.

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That’s how you find the Diablo 2 Monastery Barracks location

The trading tool is a quest in Diablo 2: Resurrected that sends the player to retrieve the Horadric Marus. This enchanted smithing hammer can be found in the Barracks of the Rogue Monastery, though some fans may be confused about the precise position of that location. Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to find the Monastery Barracks in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and this guide is here to point players in the right direction.

Finding the location of the Monastery Barracks is necessary for two Act 1, Rogue Encampment quests in Diablo II: Resurrected. The first is Tools Of The Grade, given to you by Charsi the blacksmith, and the second is Sisters To The Slaughter, given to you by Deckard Cain.

Where to Find Monastery Barracks Location in Diablo 2 Resurrected
To find the Monastery Barracks location in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you should probably start the search from the Black Marshes and follow the road into Tamoe Highlands. You should generally stick to the roads when possible, just as a rule of thumb. Anyways, once you make it to Tamoe Highlands, stick to the road and you’ll eventually find yourself in the Rogue Monastery area. It might take some exploring to get there, but you’ll find it soon enough.

The road through the Tamoe Highland splits and leads to various destinations, and it’s impossible to know which fork leads to the Monastery Barracks because of the random nature of the map. But you can be sure that one of those roads will get you to where you want to go.

Once in Black Marsh, open your map and find a road that will be leading to The Tamoe Highland. Head on this road and keep moving forward until you reach the Monastery Gate. From inside, there will be an exit going to The Outer Cloister.

Head to the Outer Cloister and then move ahead to reach the Monastery Barracks. Explore the surrounding area to find the Smith and progress the quest.

Notably, the enemies that are within the Monastery are quite a bit more difficult than those that are found outside of it. As such, players should make sure that their gear in Diablo 2: Resurrected is up to snuff before they go after the Horadric Malus. Indeed, fans that do not heed this warning may find themselves struggling to defeat the Devilkin and other enemies that have made the Rogue Monastery their home.

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We’ll be looking at the Diablo 2 Resurrected Wild Druid Build

Wind Druid is one of the most commonly preferred builds for the Druid class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the highs and lows of Diablo 2 Resurrected Wild Druid Build and show you how to set up the character for maximum performance.

If you’re needing a character that can do everything from magic finding to PVP, an Elemental Druid might be exactly what you’re after, AKA Wind Druid. They can get past all of the content in the game and are a blast to play. This build will provide you with tankiness, damage, and a bit of magic finding to provide you a well rounded character.

Some classes have skills that are great through the endgame and the Druid has a few of them. The Cyclone Armor will block every element except for poison, freeing the Druid up to invest in damage instead of defense. Twister and Tornado can be cast simultaneously and all do physical damage. In the rare event that a physically immune creature enters the battlefield, Hurricane will deal cold damage.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Wind Druid Build
The Wind Druid build in D2 Resurrected is not dependent upon gear and heavily focuses on Tornado and Hurricane skills, making them the top two attacks in its arsenal.

Skill Points
The total amount of skill points you will be needing to max out is 106. 12 of which will be provided from quests, meaning you’ll be level 95 when maxed out. However, Oak Sage will be the last thing you end up maxing out. The main source of damage will be coming from your Hurricane, Twisters, and Tornados.
Elemental Skills

Arctic Blast [1]
Cyclone Armor [20]
Twister [20]
Tornado [20]
Hurricane [20]

Shapeshifting Skills
Summoning Skills

Raven [1]
Summon Spirit Wolf [1]
Summon Dire Wolf [1]
Summon Grizzly [1]
Poison Creeper [1] – Optional
Oak Sage [20] – This is where you’ll be getting most of your tankiness and the last thing you max out.

Stat Points
Keep in mind when you’re starting out fresh, your stats will look much different than when you are fully geared up. You have the ability to reroll your stats 3 times on each character, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Strength – Just enough strength to equip all of your gear.
Dexterity – Enough to achieve max block (75%). Keep in mind your max block will drop every couple of levels so keep an eye on it as you will need to drop a couple points in Dexterity as you level.
Vitality – All remaining points.
Energy – None.

To equip the Monarch shield with the Spirit Runeword, the Druid is going to need 156 strength. Every other piece of gear has a lower requirement than that. Getting 75% block chance with dexterity will help block errant attacks that the Druid’s summons let slip by. The mana needed to cast these spells will be provided by potions and spells, no need for energy investment. Putting every available attribute in vitality makes the Druid an effective tank despite being a caster.

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It is Iruna Online, a real and actual MMO complete with open worlds

Asobimo should be a name you are familiar with after reporting on their Monster Hunter style multiplayer game called Frontier Gunner which is currently a Japan only release. Everyone wants that game to come to the English audience and now Asobimo has launched their first English localized title onto Android which is an MMORPG called Iruna Online.

It’s Iruna Online, a real and actual MMO complete with open worlds, “millions” of other players, quests, equipment and monsters. In fact, the game reminds me in some ways of Final Fantasy XI. Iruna Online is not the first mobile MMO that has felt like the Square-Enix favorite, perhaps because they all share a similar art style. As I played, it struck me that the newer smartphones have enough power to run a game that looks as good as Final Fantasy XI, albeit with some graphics options turned down or off.

One of the best game graphic recorded on android phones and it is so so lovely and also simplified. i will say there is nothing wrong with the graphic. It was awesome and neat as visuals was nicely pictured and all angles seen properly. All 3D angles pertaining this highly placed ROLE PLAYING GAME (RPG) game was properly pictured by ASOBIMO INC GAME server and that helps to portrait the game story properly. I really love a lot of it features as graphic was light and cool with eyes not some graphic that that affects eyes and added some defect also. I just love the realistic work been portrayed when you talking variable about the animation as it is just too awesome. All thanks to the game developer indeed they gave their best.

The story in Iruna Online goes like this: The world of Iruna was created by 12 gods, all of whom ended up battling it out with each other after the creation of Iruna. This resulted in the world of Iruna being broken up into four separate countries who are also battling it out to this day.

In addition, you must assign yourself to one of the 8 existing classes in the game: Paladin, Gladiator, Sniper, Assassin, High Wizard, Enchanter, Bishop and Monk. Each of these classes will depend on the initial class, Warrior or Mage, which you will have to develop up to level 120 to reach them. Also, there are special assignments for all classes, which you can access at level 100: Samurai, Ninja and Minstrel.

Combat is pretty typical for the mobile market. You walk up to a monster and either a targeting cursor or a marker pops up around the monster nearest you, or you can simply touch on the monster you want to attack. Another touch fires off your attack, or you can hit a hotkey. It’s a simple system that can occasionally lead to some confusion, but overall it works quite nicely on the smaller screen. I tend to prefer the Pocket Legends-style of combat that utilizes auto-attack and targeting. It’s better suited for action-style games, though, but could be tweaked for games that offer more traditional MMO combat.

As we all knows that a game without good and efficient control is like a man without Brain as this game carries/features a control that sees you explore it by been able to move your hands across the screen. This Controls goes along way to serving and adding values to all game. The control here has no in depth explanation as it is simplified. With this normal in house control, you can simply Move. Jump, strike and also possess a lot of combos with this unique control.

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Here are some tips that you should know for pitching in MLB The Show 21

It’s hard to think of an athletic position with more pressure than baseball’s pitcher. Even in gaming, one mistake is all it takes to end a ball game. The demands for perfection are intense and there is a genuine reason to fear when somebody like Fernando Tatis Jr. or Shohei Ohtani gets up to the plate. It’s moments like this where a gamer’s good luck just isn’t good enough.

Pitching in MLB The Show 21 is not easy. Sure, in theory, it’s very simple to pick a pitch and throw it at the plate. However, the most important part of pitching is to limit the opposing team’s offense. If you’re making bad pitches, that’s not going to help you achieve that goal. If you’re struggling with pitching in MLB The Show 21, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips that you should know for pitching in MLB The Show.

Pitching Tips for Beginners
In general, you don’t want to use the same pitches over and over again. Choosing different speeds, pitch types, and locations will all help trip up opposing batters.

Keep in mind that you can walk a batter, which is especially useful if you’re in a close game with a player already on base and a dangerous batter is up.

Also make sure to keep an eye on your pitcher’s confidence and energy throughout the game, and warm up a replacement from the bullpen when you spot them starting to get low.

Master metered pitching mode
MLB The Show 21 brought some new pitching mechanics in with the Perfect Accuracy Region, otherwise known as “Par.” Do not use Par if you’re using this MLB The Show 21 beginners guide for pitching. Stick to the basics of using the metered pitching mode. The simple metered system easily dictates the velocity of every pitch, and determines the accuracy based on your timing of matching the yellow line’s perfect pitch delivery. Don’t make a difficult game that much harder for yourself, especially if you’re a beginner.

Switch Pitch Locations
Stubborn pitchers make the mental error of trying to land a pitch in an exact spot. Hitters will see this and be ready for the next pitch in the same area. Never throw two pitches consecutively in the same spot.

A great tactic is to throw low and in, low and away, then up and in for the strikeout. But if one of these pitches is a ball, don’t get locked into a formula. If the hitter has no idea where the next pitch will be, there are going to be some beautiful swings and misses in the immediate future.

Get familiar with the pitches
Pitching mechanics are not the only part of the game that you need to get comfortable with. Make sure that you know which pitches your player utilizes, before jumping into a game. This tip is useful in both online and offline play, and here’s why: doing so will allow you to build a game plan and decide how to attack in an upcoming game.

Pure Analog
The fifth and final option for pitching in MLB The Show 21 is the Pure Analog Interface, which is probably the least used of the five.

While not a favorite, Pure Analog can also provide a manageable challenge when compared to Pinpoint Pitching.

If you’re not yet sure which pitching style you prefer, give Pure Analog a try, and you’ll need to use the right stick entirely to get the timing down.

Like most of these interfaces, it’ll take some time to really nail the nuances and start executing pitches like you want to.

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Amazon’s MMO New World has seemingly been popular with users on the platform

The MMORPG closed beta began on July 20 and has seemingly been popular with users on the platform. According to reports from SteamDB, New World has seen daily highs of around 180,000 concurrent players. The closed beta peaked on July 25 where the game amassed an impressive 200,856 concurrent players.

Not so in New World. You won’t be asked to pick a class when you wash up on the shores of Aeternum. Instead, you’re free to use whatever weapons and armour you like, whenever you please. You can equip a longsword for close combat and a musket on your back for ranged attacks. If you’re a strictly ranged fighter, you can wield a bow while also casting magic with a staff or gauntlet. Heck, you can run into battle with two warhammers strapped to your back if that’s what floats your boat.

Beginning a fresh character in New World gave me the free reign to slow down and experience the island of Aeternum through the eyes of a fresh survivor of a shipwreck. And let me tell you, this place is vast. Once you get yourself off of the beach and closer to Windsward settlement proper, you’re treated to grand vistas and gorgeous, flora-rich valleys where you can lay down your campsite and just watch time pass by the fire if that’s what you want. But there’s substance here too – the world itself is filled with hidden nooks and crannies where you might find useful items, bosses, or treasure. There are a bunch of quests to do – they don’t seem incredibly deep beyond what you’d expect out of any old MMORPG, but they do point you to interesting locations.

That aside, so far I’d say that New World shares just as much of its DNA with survival game Valheim as it does with an MMO. Unlike say, World Of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, crafting isn’t something you can just totally bypass if you don’t like picking flowers or chopping wood. Right from the start of New World you’ll be rustling bushes for sticks and pocketing flint to make yourself a skinning knife. And it won’t be long before you’re gutting a boar for its meat and watching it crackle over a fire. Health bars don’t just top themselves up around here, sonny.

Players hoping to gain access to the New World closed beta have a few options. Those interested can either sign up via the New World website for a chance to gain access, or pre-order the full game from Amazon or Steam. The New World closed beta will run until August 2, and the full game is set to release on August 31.

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FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on October 1

Cushioning the blow perhaps for England’s gamers was the announcement from Electronic Arts (EA) that the much-awaited FIFA 22 game was now available to pre-order.

EA dropped the highly anticipated Official Reveal Trailer for the new edition just hours ahead of the Euro final – citing new HyperMotion technology as one of the many new features set to enliven the beautiful game in stunning gameplay quality across several consoles.

Gameplay & graphics upgrades
The main selling point in the reveal trailer for FIFA 22 was HyperMotion technology on next gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It uses 11 vs 11 motion capture data as well as machine learning to make matches more realistic than ever before, adding over 4,000 new animations to the game from last year.

AI has been improved in attack and defence to help improve realism even further and make matches feel more dynamic.
HyperMotion technology is only on next gen consoles, but PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will include all other gameplay changes, including improvements to Ultimate Team, VOLTA and Career Mode.

As far as FIFA 22’s content goes, EA has already confirmed that Career Mode, Volta Football, Pro Clubs, and FIFA Ultimate Team are returning. Career Mode will feature a new Create a Club experience, while Volta Football is set to have an overhaul in terms of gameplay.

There will also be a whole new addition called FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes, which EA describes as ‘completely new items that represent the stories and glory of cult players and fan favourites.’

EA also claims that the next-gen versions will have improved AI, with attackers making up to six times more decisions per second and rewritten defensive AI giving teams “the ability to act as a tactical unit, retaining their shape to move across the pitch and cover vacant space”.

When is FIFA 22 coming out?
EA announced yesterday that FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on October 1 for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Origin™ and Steam, Stadia, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Leagues and Competitions
One of the biggest selling points of FIFA each year is its realism and that will remain the same for FIFA 22.

Fans are hoping for new leagues to be added for FIFA 22, including the Indian Super League and National League Conference, but so far EA Sports has not commented on whether new domestic competitions will be introduced.

It is certain that the UEFA Conference League will be added for its debut season and it will become a prominent part of Career Mode.

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It seems that the beginning of Aion Classic was not very exciting

Aion is getting a legacy server right now, taking the famous MMORPG back to its good old days, but with various quality of life improvements. Aion Classic is available as free-to-play and with an optional subscription-based model in case you want the best experience. In case you don’t remember, Aion launched as a premium MMO before it shifted to a F2P business model.

Although you can already purchase a subscription and plunge headlong into a full-fledged adventure. Since it will be difficult to play without a subscription. For players from CIS countries a VPN is required.

Along with the launch of the servers, a special Global First event was launched. And its meaning boils down to the fact that the players must, competing with each other, reach the specified peaks. For more clarity, you can, for example, be the first to reach the 50th character level.

Aion Classic raised all the eyebrows this week when it launched with a subscription with what is arguably an economic pay-to-win feature baked right into it. It’s not entirely clear what if anything will be done by NCsoft to rectify the situation, but it’s worth reminding game companies that the people who want a return to the old days in classic servers are looking for a return not just to old mechanics but to old monetization. They might be willing to pay a premium and even a subscription, but a wrecked economy from day one isn’t going to ensure goodwill, longevity, or profit.

In addition to this obvious issue, the community has also complained about the Battle Pass price, mentioning that the price is not compatible with the game’s subscription model. It should be noted that, for now, NCSoft has not issued any kind of statement aimed at appeasing the players’ spirits. All that has been released by the developer so far has been a set of information about release events. Anyway, it seems that the beginning of Aion Classic was not very exciting and what remains for us is to keep an eye on the controversies and in this matter the P2W.

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Gamers will be able to experience the Burning Crusade pre-patch at 10pm PDT

If you want to be part of the release of Burning Crusade Classic, but haven’t finished leveling a suitable hero in WoW Classic, you will be able to get started right away thanks to the Blizzard character boost. If you buy this service, an adventurer of your choice will be brought to level 58, but also with four bags with 14 spaces each (Warlocks and Jägermeisters only get three, but a soul stone bag or a quiver) and equipped with a people’s mount. On top of that, all weapon skills increase to level 290, and the character learns to ride inexperienced.

A message from Blizzard confirms: “Current maintenance has been extended until 6:00 PM (PDT). We apologize for any disruption and hope to restore service quickly.”

Meanwhile, the same Burning Crusade Pre Patch has a release date set for Wednesday, May 19 in Europe, with maintenance starting at 00:01am BST and ending at 8am BST.

This is when the two new playable species of expansion, Draenei and Blood Elf, will become available, along with their new starting zones and cities. This will also give Horde members access to the Paladin caste, while the Alliance’s new allies can strengthen their raids with Shaman science.

So what are you getting with the WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch? You’ll first need to decide whether you want to take your current WoW Classic character onto the Burning Crusade server or if you’d rather stick with WoW Classic. If you fancy a bit of both, you can clone your character. Blizzard initially stuck the price on this at $35 (around £25) though the developer has since shrunk the cost to $15 (around £10) following criticism from fans.

The Burning Crusade will be the next major expansion to launch in the WoW Classic, with the development team promising to include all the best content and experience from when it first launched back in 2007.

The WoW Classic Burning Crusade isn’t scheduled to launch until June 1, but as many gamers will already know, each major World of Warcraft experience first needs a pre-patch.

Restrictions for Boost Players
Characters who only reached level 58 thanks to such a boost and can enter Outland are still subject to some restrictions. Among other things, such characters are not allowed to enter any dungeons or raids within the first 24 hours. The boost is also not available for draenei / blood elves – so you cannot get yourself an alliance shamans or horde paladins so quickly. In addition, you are only allowed to level one character on your account in this way. If you want to transfer the boosted character to another realm, you have to wait 72 hours.

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