How to Be a Superstar in FIFA 17

For many, EA’s massive FIFA series is the game that spends the most time in the disc drive each year. With the move to Frostbite, it’s never looked better, and will keep us entertained and busy through the winter months, right up until details of the inevitable FIFA 17 start to trickle through.
But there’s a plethora of options available, and lots of nuance to this year’s game, so we’ve delved deep into all of the modes to bring you our hot tips on how to get the most out of the game.

Don’t be afraid to let the AI defend
As always, there’s a massive bedding-in period for a new FIFA game. You go from loving it, to hating it, back to loving it, but not until you truly understand it. This year, the defensive AI is terrific, so much so that until you master it, it can sometimes be better to switch to a defender and hold the line while the AI controlled defender makes the tackle. The AI won’t let you down, and is almost certainly better than you at defending.

Be patient in your own half
Don’t be too hasty to slide in, or stick a foot in when defending, and play a patient method of football, holding the opposition at bay and ensuring they can’t advance or put a cross in. We’re not suggesting you let your opponent play in your half, just that patience is a virtue. While there’s plenty of scope for quick-break attacking play, a slow build up that sees you passing the ball around in your own half, spotting space and opportunities will be rewarded with time and space.

Relax with the sprint button
A common mistake among FIFA players is that you are always holding the sprint button down. For starters, this will fatigue your players quickly, which offers your online opponent a chance to outpace you all over the pitch in the later stages of a game, leaving you clinging for dear life as you just can’t keep up. Use sprint to outpace your opponent when needed, but not as a get out clause for bad positional player. Real-world footballers shouldn’t be chasing the ball all match, and nor should FIFA ones.

Offline, use the sliders
Not a lot of people bother to do this, but any negatives you find in the pace of the game, and generally with the difficulty you play on, can be tweaked for offline play. The gameplay sliders allow you to change the offline modes to really match your needs, and can go as far as speeding up the gameplay, or slowing it down. Don’t ignore these: get down and dirty with them and make FIFA 17 feel like your game.

Snipe FUT cards, if you can live with yourself
You know that guy who sits on an eBay auction, grabbing an item you want at the last second while you’re at work? Here’s a secret about him: while he’s deeply sad on the inside, he’s happy in the moment: he got the deal and you lost out. When it comes to FUT, you may not like it, but sitting there and watching a player as the seconds tick down can net you an absolute bargain. Watch those FUT auctions, snipe the players, then forgive yourself knowing that everyone else is doing it, too. It’s okay, honestly; you’re among friends here.

When playing online, watch your opponent
There’s something to be said for researching and studying your opponent, because focusing solely on what you’re doing is a surefire way to get roundly beaten in an online match. Does your opponent constantly play down the wings? Does your nemesis always play the ball short from the keeper? Watching for these traits as a match progresses means you can predict what they’re going to do. Sure, you can’t win them all, but don’t ignore what the person you are playing is doing, because they sure as hell are watching you!

Practise the set pieces, penalties and skill moves
Love them or hate them: they’re not going away and the new set pieces (corners, free kicks, and penalties) will take some practice to stop you making a fool of yourself online. Hit up the practice arena, perhaps even have a runthrough of The Journey (which gets you to train a lot!) and get good at these new set pieces. Remember that a good set piece doesn’t always result in a goal, and sometimes putting in a corner that disrupts the defence can allow you to get a scruffy goal from some failed scrambled clearance. Don’t forget that the shoulder buttons modify the kick, too.

With skill moves, unless you want to be made an absolute fool of in online matches, you’re gonna have to get to know them. Become the guy who pirouettes away from a challenge and not the person who is left in the dust. Practice makes perfect.

Protect the ball like it’s your child
If you’re finding it hard to win the ball back, and are finding it frustrating that you can’t work out why, there’s a high probability you’ve not realised you can shield the ball. The physical nature of FIFA 17 means that you will need to keep that ball away from danger, so holding the left trigger means you can shield it from your opponent, and also give you a bit more time to pick out that killer pass.

Don’t forget to double tap when shooting
Unless you know this technique, you’re going to have to rely on finesse shots into the corner, because by double tapping the shoot button you can put full power into it and, importantly, keep the ball down. The idea is that if you put a full power into a shot, it’ll usually go high, but double tapping before the ball is kicked keeps it low, and will release a thunderous strike that (especially online) might take your opponent by surprise. You can also use this technique for bullet headers.

Play through The Journey for FUT rewards
It’s not just a cool new idea: The Journey actually gives you rewards for you Ultimate Team, too. While you’ll mostly get loan packs awarded as you play, when you complete the mode you’ll get an Alex Hunter card to add to your team. It’s also great practice early on, both to learn the new systems and just get plenty of practice time in.

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Complete Explanation of Players Cards In FIFA 17

In FIFA 17 mode, gamers are required to play the role of the manager to direct the team and win the competition. For those who don’t have much practice in FIFA 17, one of the biggest problems they face is to understand why there are so many different player cards. there are various of player cards and each of them has different features and ability. In certain cases, a single player may have several player cards. here is all information for newbie about how to choose their desired player cards and purchase them with most reasonable price.

If you want to buy a particular player, our advice is that you use the player filter to search him on the market. With this method, you will only spend money on the players you do not have and your club will be equipped as needed. Obviously, the cards you can get from the player pack should also be taken into account. However, if you think it is not necessary, you can choose to put them on the market for sale, and get some coins from them. Here is the introduction of three cards in FIFA 17.

Regular Players’ Cards
Regular cards are the most basic ones. Every player must have one. All other cards are modifications made from these ones. At the beginning of the game, all the FIFA 17 players cards belong to the regular category. These cards have the innate characteristics and attributes of the player.

Regular Players’ Cards

As the game progresses, users can change many of the card features such as the preferred position and preferred chemistry style. However, these cards are still considered regular cards. Only the game system can create non-regular cards. It is important to notice again that it is not possible to improve the rating or the stats in a permanent way.

In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, there are more than 16,000 regular cards, corresponding to as many players. They are always in packs, for the whole the year. The only time that a player doesn’t have his regular cards in packs, is when it is being released another card is released of him.

The ratings and the stats of regular cards are calculated according to the player’s performance and popularity in the previous 365 days. The card with higher ratings is the one of Lionel Messi.

When a card is released for the first time and assigned to its first owner, it comes with fitness 99 and seven contracts, except for the players of starter pack that have 45 contracts.

Upgraded FIFA 17 Players Cards
As we already have explained, it is not possible to improve the stats of any regular card. However, if a player stands out in the real world, in such a way that his card becomes strongly outdated, Electronic Arts comes to justice introducing a new type of card.

The Winter upgraded players’ cards, also known as UP cards, are usually released in February with the goal of adjust the players’ rating and players’ attributes to the reality. They are physically identical to the originals, except on rating and stats.

Upgraded FIFA 17 Players Cards

These cards are usually assigned to the best players of the first half of the season. They must have played well in a consistent way throughout this period and not only in few games, showing that their old regular card was really outdated. The average rating increase to these cards are 2 points, which is explained by the fact that they are only assigned to players who had a marked development and not to minor adjustments.

As soon as upgraded cards are released, they replace all the respective regular cards that are supposed to be released in packs until the end of the game. That is, the only card you will find in packs is the new one but you may find both cards in the transfer market.

Transfer FIFA 17 Players Cards
In order to keep the game updated, Electronic Arts replicates in to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team what is happening in the real transfer market.

Transfer FIFA 17 Players Cards

When a player moves from his club to another one in real life, EA Sports releases a new player for this player card transfer card. In the regular version, the only difference between the new card and the old version is the club and the final league. In other respects, they are exactly the same as the original cards, including keeping the same ratings and statistics.

These cards were released twice a year: the winter transfer season, January and February, as well as the summer transfer season, in August and in the year of September. In any of these cases, as the transfer occurred, the cards were released.

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