Diablo Immortal is a video game that put Blizzard fans on a war footing

Blizzard’s latest mobile game “Diablo Immortal” recently invited global media and some Australian players to participate in a limited public Alpha technology test. After several days of trial play, let’s talk about this game. Games of interest.

Diablo Immortal is a video game that put Blizzard fans on a war footing when it was presented at the end of 2018. Since then little has been said about this project, which neither he was even present at the last BlizzCon where Diablo 4 was announced, but now that I have had the opportunity to enjoy it for hours I guarantee that I will speak a lot and very well about this dark game of action and role. Successfully transfer the best Diablo essence to your mobile screen, facing hordes of undead and demons that you cannot stop killing because, well, doing it is tremendously fun. That’s why you fight, explore, and move on without thinking about anything other than killing demons, exploring, and continuing to improve your hero’s skills, getting new weapons and legendary loot. There is always a new challenge to face, a new excuse to keep glued to your phone for a few more minutes, and that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most about this alpha test from Diablo Immortal, which still lacks missions, characters and some options.

Diablo Immortal seems to have a if a really difficult road, since it will not be easy to find the consent of a large fanbase used to foiling the plans of the evil one on platforms very different from mobile ones. Nonetheless, it remains a truly intriguing project as it bears witness to the evolution Blizzard has gone through all this time.

Highlighting the incredible character design and it could not be otherwise coming from Blizzard, since the characters have the option to choose between two versions of each (for now).

That is, from the four existing classes you can select the sex of your character, and between two faces. And although at the moment the gender of the character will not count for the statistics of this, this is not a feature to be ruled out for future versions, remember that this is just a closed alpha.

The game process is just like the PC version. Before the full wait, you are basically experiencing the plot, and you are constantly advancing the map and unlocking new systems. This game is quite rich in map scenes and monster types, and it also retains the characteristics of the Diablo series. For example, the elite monsters with random attributes, the treasure goblin, etc., as each area of ​​the plot will lead to the dungeon at the end of the plot, you have to face large boss battles, such as the Skeleton King, the second-generation countess, etc. .

Blizzard promises that Diablo Immortal and all its future content will be free, without abusive micropaymentsI have played on an iPhone 8 Plus (previous models are not compatible) with details in ultra, and I emphasize this, because there is an option to configure graphics to adapt them to devices with lower performance. Ultimately the goal is for more players to enjoy the Diablo experience, and Immortal certainly promises to be a very good front door for millions of players who had yet to face the demons of the Burning Hells. With Diablo IV on the horizon, this mobile game will certainly brighten up the wait, although for now, Its release date is unknown! We will have to wait to find out if its launch is near, once this alpha has started.

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Metro Exodus expect to release the new version sometime this spring

Metro Exodus developer 4A Games has revealed the free upgrades that are coming to its 2019 shooter on PC and next-gen consoles this year. The new version-specific features vary by platform, but include overhauled ray tracing support and support for Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 technology on PC. Also revealed are improvements coming to the next-gen console version, first announced last year.

4A Games explain that the PC enhanced edition will require a GPU with ray tracing capability as the minimum system specs. The enhanced edition is such an overhaul, they explain, that it will be released as its own product instead of a patch for Exodus. You’ll be able to grab it free if you already own a copy of Exodus on PC.

Although the title supported ray tracing at its launch, the upcoming version will improve it a lot. It will be possible also due to the advanced ray-traced reflections. The developer provided details about other consoles as well.

They expect to release the new version sometime this spring, but at this time we don’t have a specific date.

Back in November last year we revealed our roadmap for the Metro series and confirmed that Metro Exodus would be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2021 as a free upgrade that would take full advantage of the power of these new consoles. Today we’re ready to share more details on the work we’re doing, as well as confirm another exciting project set to release this year – the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition!

Meanwhile, the developer has also detailed the improvements coming with the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the game, which will be available free to existing owners. On PS5 and Series X the game will run at 4K/60fps with ray tracing. Series S will target a lower 1080p resolution, but it’ll still run at 60fps and feature ray tracing. The next-gen console versions should also feature reduced loading times, and other platform-specific features like support for the PS5’s Dual Sense controller.

If you’re looking towards Metro’s future, 4A have previously mentioned that they’re working on the next Metro game and experimenting with multiplayer components that they’d always wanted to pursue with the series.

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Blizzard start to tweak with the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade options, including a new level cap

The beta phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic also ran on the weekend, of course, and the hard-working testers gained numerous new insights. For example, you should wait to buy new bank accounts, Urnether is bound when you pick it up and the previously tested recipes that you have to buy in limited form from retailers have a humane cooldown.

The Burning Crusade remains an invite-only event for now but there are plenty of people who have managed to smash through what’s already available.

Players selected to participate in the beta test will receive an email invitation directing them to download the beta client directly from the Battle.net desktop app.

So is it finally going? Unfortunately, no. Nobody could log into the beta server. The confusion was resolved a few hours ago by Blizzard employee Josh Allen: The Burning Crusade Classic beta has not yet started. It is thanks to a bug that the beta appeared in the launcher. So far, no one outside of Blizzard has been selected for access

Players who want to stay in World of Warcraft Classic with the latest patch, Shadow of the Necropolis, will get the opportunity to migrate characters to the new “Era” servers, while the other version of the game will be automatically upgraded to Burning Crusade. The moment races of draenei and blood elves appear in the menu within the game, we will know that the way out is near, and as the sparrows on the branch already know, this chapter of the story takes us to Outland where “new” tasks, dungeons, raids await us. flying and so on. In any case, we have no doubt that the masses of old “wowers” will get used to playing again, and some with an active subscription and an invitation received are probably already teasing their friends from the guild by recounting their adventures from Outland.

Full patch notes for today’s changes can be found below, courtesy of Blizzard:


Art and Visuals

Fixed a variety of issues to lighting and fog effects.
Outlands zones are currently missing some ground foliage and detail objects.
Fixed an issue where male Trolls had an invalid skin color option.
Fixed an issue with Crust Burster’s spell visuals.
Fixed an issue with FelReaver’s movement animation.


Fixed an issue where area-of-effect damage caps were not functioning properly.
Teleport: Moonglade is no longer missing from the level 58 Druid character templates.
The Hunter ability The Beast Within now functions properly.
The Paladin ability Seal of Blood now properly performs its primary damage effect.
The Paladin ability Pure of Heart now properly increases resistance to curses and diseases.
The Priest ability Pain Suppression now properly increases resistance to Dispel mechanics.
Shaman totem buffs are now displayed in the buff list.
The Warrior talent Second Wind now triggers on Immobilize effects.

So far, Blizzard has not provided a full release schedule for the Classic Burning Crusade experience.

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The Wandering Ancient has finally arrived in World of Warcraft

The Wandering Ancient has finally arrived in World of Warcraft. During its BlizzConline 2021 presentation, Blizzard revealed the results of a community poll that let players decide on the next big mount. It’s since been revealed that the votes overwhelmingly pointed to the Wandering Ancient—a giant living tree that serves as nature’s protector. And it’s free to anyone that has the Shadowlands expansion active on their account.

How to Get a Wandering Ancient Mount in World of Warcraft
The Wandering Ancient Mount is the result of a collaborative brainstorm between Blizzard and various World of Warcraft communities across the globe to offer players a free mount following the launch of Shadowlands.

It is now available for all Shadowlands players to download, though as alluded to above, you’ll only be able to get it if you have purchased and downloaded the new expansion with your WoW account.

Once that’s all done, the Wandering Ancient Mount can be found in your Mount Collection tab, which is accessed by pressing Shift + P.

The Wandering Ancient overwhelmingly came out on top, and the Blizzard team got to work bringing it to life, creating a walking tree mount that marks the first rideable Ancient in WoW. Just like the pint-sized Blossoming Ancient pet, the Wandering Ancient’s foliage will change with the seasons.

For players that are currently not subbed, you still have access to unlock it. Just open the retail game and log in to any level 20 or lower character — it doesn’t matter if the character has learned riding skills yet — and follow the same instructions. If you don’t have a low level character, you can simply create a new one.

In terms of sheer size, the Wandering Ancient will be among one the largest mounts in World of Warcraft. So Blizzard brought in a talented team to rig its motion as well as voice actor Glenn Stafford to bring life to the mount. Since the Wandering Ancient is colossal and, well, ancient, Blizzard wanted it to be the perfect mount for stomping around on. Its movement was purposely designed to appear cumbersome. Oh, and as a consolation prize to the Curious Caterpillar mount that came up short in the polls, a small grub has been included riding atop the Wandering Ancient.

While the Wandering Ancient was initially meant to arrive with the big Chains of Domination update, it’s instead dropped early with the smaller 9.0.5 update. While we don’t have a release window for the big Chains of Domination update yet, it’s set to bring a lot of changes and new content to the game when it drops.

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Illusion Connect is Coming to the West

If you haven’t heard of Illusion Connect, that’s only because it’s not available outside China. That’s set to change in the near future, meaning we’ll all get to see why this gorgeous tactical RPG has taken the far east by storm.

In case you need reminding, Illusion Connect is a stunning anime RPG that sees you recruiting and training Radiants, as well as socializing with them and sprucing up your headquarters.

It sees you battling, too, sending your Radiants off to fight the forces of evil in perfectly balanced teams. The game’s killer twist, though, is the way it integrates socializing and fighting by increasing the stats of your Radiants as you hang out with them through a variety of social modes.

All the radiants are from these different factions and have different skills and own stories. Register now to get tons of cool rewards and become the first one to explore more in the game: https://www.illusionconnectgame.com/. You can sign up using either your email address or your phone number.

Frantiva is the main character from the Uroboros faction. Uroboros despises mankind and wants to unleash its nightmares into the real world. Frantiva was once a shining light of the SEED faction, but betrayed them and started working for the enemy. That’s a decision that has made things super difficult for Frantiva’s sister, who remains loyal to SEED.

The Tobunkai is a yakuza faction that was founded by Radiants to defend the weak, but lost its way. It still defends the weak, but by committing crimes such as fencing forged goods.

The Phoenix faction is a financial consortium – not your typical idea of a dominant military presence, but Phoenix is as powerful as they come, with a global reach and a management team made up of Radiant bigwigs.

The SEED is the longest standing Radiant faction, and it’s an unambiguous force for good. SEED exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to extinguish Nightmares.

Players will meet more than 60 different characters in the first release version, including six different factions, different occupation positionings and different skill settings. These enrich the combat experience, as players can combine them in different ways.

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Wild Terra 2 debuts on Steam Early Access and devs talk about the seasons

If you’re unfamiliar with Wild Terra 2, it’s pitched as allowing you to live your life in a, “medieval world controlled by players.” You’ll b able to live in a territory currently occupied, or set forth and conquer new lands.

You can live on the One Mainland – build, develop, hunt, explore PvP and PvE zones. Or you can challenge and go to New Lands — every season a new continent will be available, with a variety of biomes and inhabitants, conditions, rules and rewards upon completion. For example, you can get to the continent with a very harsh winter all year round, where all the villages were empty due to the plague, and barely surviving forced to hunt people for food.

“We are worried that we did not manage to do much of what we promised you for the early access launch,” admitted the devs. “Game development is a complex process in which it is impossible to consider all the difficulties that will have to be faced. This is especially true for such small teams as ours – only four people are working on the game.”

The team says that they will be rolling out new features and improving existing ones with regular updates throughout the game’s stint in Early Access. These include a new continent with every season, the first of which will kick off in June. The developers also promise new weapons and skills, castle sieges, PvP tournaments, activities for solo players, and the addition of livestock as well as improvements to combat, guilds, player housing, farming, fishing, and cooking among others.

Despite the fears, the devs pointed out that Wild Terra 2: New Lands was worked to promote a very immersive experience and give players several reasons to explore the vast world of the game. The game will continue to be developed as far as possible, considering the team’s limitations, and the first season should start in June this year. Finally, with total transparency, the Juvty Worlds team adjusted expectations regarding the game and hinted that it will remain focused, with a view to presenting an adventure worthy of a great MMORPG. So, if you want to bet on the title, be sure to check it out.

Just like any game, the team plans to keep updating it with new features, quality of life improvements, and much more. Here’s what the team has specified so far:

Further improvements to Farming, Fishing, Cooking, and the addition of Livestock.
A new continent every season! With its own conditions, inhabitants, dungeons, resources, and rewards. We plan to launch the first season by June 2021.
Even more elements for building houses, creating furniture and decor.
Special activities for solo players.
Skills Cartography, Witchcraft, Bard, improvements of Healing.
Improved combat system with even more variety of equipment, abilities, and roles.
New types of weapons and skills to use them: Crossbows, Two-handed, Polearms, Weapons in both hands, Throwing bombs, Staffs and Musical instruments.
Castle sieges and PvP tournaments.
Guild improvement. Special dungeons with activities, bosses, and rewards. Guild Wars.

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The Fortnite 3.05 update patch notes have now been detailed by Epic Games

The Fortnite 3.05 update patch notes have now been detailed by Epic Games. The new Fortnite patch is rolling out today, February 18. It’s initially being deployed to PC, PS5, PS4, and Android systems, though Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch will also be receiving it later. (iOS users are still stuck without patches, as the Apple and Epic Games battle continues.) Here are the details of this relatively minor update.

Fortnite Update 3.05 Patch Notes

There are currently no official detailed patch notes for this update, but Epic Games has tweeted general details about this update so we know what to expect.

We’ve begun to deploy a maintenance patch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Android to address party matchmaking issues in Creative mode.
You will be prompted to download the patch at the end of your match or when launching the game. No server downtime will be required.
Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch will receive this patch at a later time.

The new Fortnite update brings back the Flintlock Pistol, added some fan favourite LTMs, and made more Exotic weapons available from in-game vendors.

Epic Games also laid the foundations for this weekend’s Short Nite event in Party Royale.

Kicking off at 7pm GMT on February 20, the Short Nite event is a film festival that takes place in Party Royale.

Epic Games is continuously pushing updates for Fortnite and trying to keep it alive whereas fans commenting that the game is dead and it is no fun nowadays. Epic is regularly pushing patches and hardcore fans of Fortnite still play this game and they even love it like they used to do, earlier. Epic Games is trying hard to keep the game alive they have collaborated with a lot of game universe characters to keep them in Fortnite, and they have actually succeeded in that.

Right now, Epic Games has pushed another update which will again add some new characters to the game, will fix the bugs and issues present in the game and will improve the overall performance of the game.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting update for most players, but it could be a big deal for those who care about Creative. Fortnite has a lot of different components that are always changing. It’s good to see developer Epic Games making tweaks and issuing fixes across the entire experience.

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Diablo Immortal’s alpha technical test has begun in some regions

Diablo Immortal’s alpha technical test has begun in some regions, mainly Australia, but some “creators” have early access, including me, your resident loot-obsessed journalist.

The Diablo Immortal team has been making great progress and we’re excited to share that we’ll soon be opening the gates of Hell for a limited public Technical Alpha. The primary goal of this Technical Alpha is to test server stability and client performance across a wide variety of devices. It’s also an opportunity for us to take in player feedback regarding our core gameplay, the initial leveling experience, and our other early gameplay systems. This will help us make sure the game feels great when it gets into everybody’s hands.

While it may be disappointing to many, Blizzard is limiting the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha to a “limited amount” of Android users who have pre-registered for the game in Australia. According to the company, they’re anticipating a couple of thousand players will be able to take part in the alpha, and by holding it in a smaller region, they’ll be able to take in “valuable server stability and client performance data,” along with other critical feedback.

Diablo: Immortal is a mobile version of Blizzard’s action role-playing game franchise. It is also the studio’s first mobile-only game. When Blizzard first showed Immortal off during BlizzCon 2018, it angered many fans because Immortal is a mobile game, especially since many fans were instead hoping to see Diablo IV announced for PC and consoles. That tension cooled off a bit after Blizzard did reveal Diablo IV during BlizzCon 2019.

Diablo Immortal

So, what will be included in the Technical Alpha? This is an early look at Diablo Immortal—an exciting new chapter in our action role-playing game series, telling an original story that takes place between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. It will feature intense, visceral combat; highly replayable dungeons; deep progression and itemization; and a host of never-before-seen monsters. Diablo Immortal also reimagines the dark, gothic realm of Sanctuary as a sprawling massively multiplayer world filled with deadly things hellbent on killing you.

At the moment, it’s unknown if Blizzard will be opening the alpha up to more countries, but it can’t hurt to sign up for the game on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, this way you’re among the first to know when things happen.

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FIFA 21: the second Headliners team arrived

As TOTY voting takes place in FIFA 21, EA Sports announced the second team of Headliners to celebrate the New Year. These special, dynamic cards from the season’s top players are now available in packs for one week.

What are headliners cards anyway?
What makes the Headliners cards special is that they are dynamic. Similar to ones-to-watch cards, they improve as soon as the respective player makes it into a Team of the Week or receives another performance-based card.

After the first headlining team came out on New Year’s Eve, EA Sports released the second team with additional special cards on January 8th. The players are now in packs and replace Team 1. All cards are also available on the transfer market.

What do the Headliners special tickets look like?

Team 2:
MS: Karim Benzema, 92, Real Madrid
ST: Erling Haaland, 89, Borussia Dortmund
LM: Heung-min Son, 89, Tottenham Hotspur
RF: Hirving Lozano, 87, SSC Naples
LV: Theo Hernandez, 87, AC Milan
CM: Leon Goretzka, 87, FC Bayern
IV: Diego Carlos, 86, Sevilla FC
ST: Danny Ings, 85, Southampton FC
IV: Dayot Upamecano, 84, RB Leipzig
LF: Karl Toko-Ekambi, 84, Olympique Lyon
CM: Rafinha, 84, Paris Saint-Germain

Team 1:

ZOM: Bruno Fernandes, 91, Manchester United
IV: Fabinho, 88, Liverpool FC
ST: Wissam Ben Yedder, 87, AS Monaco
ST: Wilfried Zaha, 87, Crystal Palace
LF: Mikel Oyarzabal, 87, Real Sociedad
MS: Joao Felix, 86, Atletico Madrid
LM: Jonathan Bamba, 86, LOSC Lille
MS: Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 86, AS Roma
TW: Lukas Hradecky, 86, Bayer Leverkusen
IV: Martin Hinteregger, 85, Eintracht Frankfurt
LV: Jordan Amavi, 84, Olympique Marseille

Headliners Release Date
The event kicked off on Friday, January 1st.This means that Team 2 will arrive on the 8th January.

Given that TOTY should be around the corner though, we’ll have to wait and see if we get a 1 week, or 2-week promotion; although most promos run for at least 2 weeks.

Last year in FUT 20, we didn’t see Headliners arrive until after TOTY, running from Jan 17th to Jan 28th, but given this year’s later start, it’s understandable that we’re getting a couple more promos before the big event.

And just like the Headliners first team, FIFA 21 released an SBC with a player that will also feature an enhanced and dynamic card. This is Riyad Mahrez, the right winger of Manchester City, who got a version of 87 on average. To obtain it, you will have to complete a template creation challenge that, according to the specialized Futbin site, is priced at around 210,000 coins.

The requirements are:
– At least one Premier League player
– Minimum overall team rating of 86
– Minimum team chemistry of 70.

When the Headliners event is over, the FUT players will find the next big promo with the TOTY event. Which players are you voting for?You can click here to get news of FIFA 21 TOTY.

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