Mobile Games Real Goddess Reincarnation Liberation MapleStory M Has Been Officially Launched

The Google Play Store opened the English version last month. Goddess reincarnation Liberation DX2 reservation, this game has been officially launched today. True Fans of the Goddess Reincarnation series can now experience a whole new story, explore 3D dungeons and collect demons from the game.

Official Website of MapleStory M

The game screen looks quite good, but the overall fashion is not disappointing. You can also find rich in-game content in this game, the most expensive even 100 knives. We all know that SEGA is very greedy, unlimited in-app purchase, unlimited DLC. Also launched today is Adventure Island M, which is very nostalgic. It is a pity that players can’t play games in mainland China. If you want to play, you probably need to unplug your mobile phone card.

The MMORPG MapleStory M, which inherited the original content, announced the first major revision today, adding a new career by Sacred Spirit Swordsman, Broken Winds, Night Walker, Fire Flame Wizard and Lightning. The Royal Knights consisting of five characters, in addition to this update will add new maps Yeliver, Maple Blessing System, guild system update and other game content, the following is the latest Game information and update content description.

Royal Knights is the representative of the justice against the dark magician and the guardian of the Queen. The five major occupations are Sacred Spirit Swordsman, Fire Flame Wizard, Broken Windbringer, Night Walker and Flash Thunder will Five new strong occupations for players to choose, each profession has a unique skill attribute, waiting for the player to experience the experience.

Sacred Soul Swordsman Based on strong strength and physical strength, it is a warrior character who is good at close combat. Attack an attacking warrior that is better than defense. The weapon used is a two-handed sword.

Broken Winds is an archer character with a unique bow and arrow shooting power. It is the biggest feature to be able to summon the Wind Elf Storm side by side. Night Walker is a thief who is good at controlling the darkness. It can summon the shadow bats that help fight to fight side by side as the main feature. The weapon used is a glove.

Fire Flame Wizard The Flame Wizard is the strongest mage of the Royal Knights accompanied by the Fire Elves. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning MapleStory M Currency kindly go to our site. He is good at using fire attribute magic, similar to the adventurer’s big magician, but this class can use a variety of magic at a lower level as the main feature. Use a weapon as a long stick. Lightning is a pirate character that uses the tiger as the main weapon as a continuous skill.

It is a series of attacks that can be launched through a variety of continuous techniques. There is also a special feature. When the Thunderbolt is added through the Thunderbolt, the skills such as defensive defensiveness will become more powerful. Use weapons to refer to tigers.

MapleStory M is a mobile game based on the well-known PC game horizontal reel MMORPG. Through the complete reproduction of the original nostalgic content and the gameplay of the world view, the player can relive the challenge of cooperating with friends to challenge the copy. . More game information can be found on the official website of MapleStory M.

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Accurately Passed the Instructional Video and How to Pass the Ball in FIFA 19

Every weekend, everyone’s data is cleared, and the winning streak starts at 0. As your game is completed, your opponent will be matched based on your winning streak. For example, if your last 5 games are win, then your winning streak is 3, and the data you display in the EA system is 3 form. The system will match you with the same form value 3, that is, the same winning streak with 3 opponents.

According to this matching principle, the higher the level of the weekly tournament, the stronger the opponents encountered. Only the most powerful players can always win, reaching TOP 100. Another principle is based on geographic location matching. EA will match the adjacent players close to the weekly game server.

Champion Channel

Added handle real-time input display, instant playback and direct jump to the key moments of the game, so that you can clearly see how the masters actually operate. Every weekend, the weekly TOP 100 players can teach you to play.

FUT Coins Reward

From the big update of the FIFA 19 week, EA has made progress. I listened to the opinions of the majority of players, reduced the number of weekly games, and rationalized the weekly rewards. It also clarifies the matching principle of the FIFA 19 week opponent. The new champion channel also increases the real-time input of the handle, which helps the player’s overall level.

With the release of FIFA 19, the majority of FIFA players will usher in the new team’s Ultimate Team. However, many novice players are not sure how UT can open up the wasteland. How to earn as much gold coins as possible in the short time that the game has just been released, and build a strong lineup. Xbox One and PC platforms can purchase EA members and start the game ahead of time. You can play the game to earn gold coins, and you can also trade.

Charge Return to the Player Package

When you first log in, you will receive a Return to Player Pack to reward your loyalty to FIFA UT. The higher the loyalty the higher the EA account level, the higher the value of the package of course there is a ceiling. You can also receive the UT Starter Pack, which contains 30 players and other items that can be used to build the most basic UT lineup.

Receive Daily Gift Packs

After FIFA 19 is officially released, EA will send a gift bag daily for a period of time, giving players, items or coins. If you are you looking for more about Cheap FIFA 19 Coins check out our website. If you can trade, sell ordinary players and items in exchange for gold coins for trading or investment. You can log in to the web app or mobile app to get it. In the early days of the game, especially in the days before the web app was just opened, the card can really make you earn more coins in a short time.

FUT Coins Reward Boost adds gold coins after each match. First buy a high level, gold coins added more. It is recommended to buy one by one, use one to buy one. We have bought all of them before, but some gold coins are not added or added. This is the best result for EA members to enter the game 10 hours in advance. The transfer quota increase tool, from 30 to 100, helps trade.

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Forza Motorsport 7 Sells 176,000 Units in First Week


The latest game by Turn 10 Studios Forza Motorsport 7 was supposed to be the Xbox One’s highly anticipated 2017 release. According to VGChartz however the racing franchise had less pull this time around.

During its first-week debut at retail Forza Motorsport 7 sold approximately 176,150 units. Again this is according to the VGChartz for the week ending on October 7 2017. In other words less than one percent of Xbox One users purchased the Microsoft-published game. Breaking it down by region the sales are as follows: Europe sold the most with 90,128 units (51%) 64,818 units sold in the US (37%) and 1,641 units sold in Japan (1%).

Furthermore the estimates place Forza Motorsport 7 as one of the worst debut titles of the franchise. It falls as the ninth best seller if the numbers ring true:

Forza Motorsport 4 – 515,859
Forza Horizon 3 – 406,753
Forza Motorsport 5 – 350,588
Forza Horizon 2 – 328,101
Forza Horizon – 316,820
Forza Motorsport 2 – 228,684
Forza Motorsport 6 – 221,042
Forza Motorsport 3 – 209,389
Forza Motorsport 7 – 176,150

Of course the sales don’t mean the game is bad. Critically the latest iteration of the racing franchise has done pretty well. For whatever reason there wasn’t as much commercial draw. Considering its place as a flagship release for the new Xbox One X console the results are all the more baffling. But let’s wait until Microsoft reveals official numbers (if they ever do) and then we’ll grasp the final result.

Forza Motorsport 7 (Forza 7) is a car racing video game developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC on October 10 in 2017. Features 4K@60FPS lifelike graphics more than 700 sports cars 32 unique tracks Forza 7 received 9.1 out of 10 from IGN.
FM7 Credits are the basic currency in the game which gamers need it to buy new cars and high-performance gears modify and repair their cars. Players receive Credits rewards when complete or unlock achievements. If you want to level up faster than others Buy Cheap Forza 7 Credits from is the best choice. is one of the most professional online game currency stores online. We provide all hot game currency for gamers now Forza 7 Credits is full in stock and on promotion do not miss it! We promise all Forza 7 Credits are hand-farmed with 100% safety. You can join our affiliate program to win free credits too. Buy FM7 Credits and enjoy the game from now!

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FIFA 18 fans disgusted with the state of the game sign petition demanding EA Sports take action

Fans have been left furious with the current state of FIFA 18 and consequently have started a petition which they hope will force EA Sports to take action.

The petition started by Stuart Holmes has gained over 5,500 signatures in the space of 72 hours and demands that EA fix many long-running issues that have been plaguing the game.46930FDE00000578-0-image-a-57_1511285028909

The hashtag ‘FixFIFA’ has also been gaining a lot of traction on Twitter and has been used by pro esports players and FIFA Youtubers.

Fans have lamented how much the game has changed since it’s initial release. FIFA 18 in the demo and the first week of release was very fast paced and enjoyable but patches changing goalkeepers to supposedly stop longshots being so potent has ruined the game for many people.

The gameplay has once again slowed down and become rather tedious with many labelling it ‘FIFA 17.2′.

There have also been multiple problems with the competitive weekend league which has been plagued with multiple exploits including one that allowed players to avoid a loss when leaving the game if they felt they couldn’t win or had a bad connection.

EA also recently added a fix to stop players using bronze squads against AI teams which allowed them to use a technique that ensured the opposition got a red card and made winning Squad Builder Challenges easier.

These are just a few of the problems but what is most frustrating for fans is the lack of communication from EA Sports. It isn’t the first time EA have received slack from fans in recent times either after they received a huge backlash for their new Star Wars Battlefront 2 game including one comment on Reddit which received a record breaking number of downvotes.

Whether the petition has an impact remains to be seen but one thing that will hurt EA is the number of players threatening to boycott the game and not buy any FIFA Ultimate Team coins during the usually popular Black Friday promotion.

FIFA 18 is the most popular football simulation game on PS4/XboxOne/NintendoSwitch/PC developed by EA Sports. The game provides the both online and offline mode for every ages of people who loves football or just loves to play football game. At the very beginning of the start you can try on the Career Mode along with the tutorial step by step so that you can grasp the basic handling and game rules quickly. If you want to become a notable football star and make your name on the official monthly Leaderboard of online mode build up your dream team and join the Ultimate Team. FIFA 18 Coins is the currency in the game which is required to purchase players in Transfer Market.

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Playing Forza Motorsport 7 In 4K Spoils The Hell Out Of You


Much to my dad’s chagrin, I’m one of those people who has trouble telling the difference between 1080p and 4K. This issue came up again and again when I was helping him shop for his new television. And I think the problem was that we were watching clips of movies in the store and not playing video games. Because playing Forza Motorsport 7  on an Xbox One X in 4K changed my visual standard for video games. I don’t know if there is any going back.

(Full disclosure: Microsoft wanted us to review Forza Motorsport 7 in 4K so badly that it sent an Xbox One X, three months of Xbox Live Gold membership and a two-terabyte external hard drive so the console wouldn’t run out of room.)

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s new and incredibly powerful gaming console, is smaller than the standard Xbox One and comes with one terabyte of internal storage. It makes regular Xbox One games look great and load faster, up-converting them from 1080p to 4K.

Microsoft, however, is also enhancing some of its games, which means that these games have been worked over to look especially good and run fast on the One X. (A full list of Xbox One X Enhanced games can be found here.) This takes time to roll out, as Mike Fahey, my colleague over at Kotaku, noted. I wasn’t able to download the enhanced version of Forza 7 until last Friday.

As noted in our initial Forza Motorsport 7 review, the game is beautiful. The details on the cars are sharper than ever and the weather spraying up on the windshield at speed is distracting in its realism.

That being said, as soon as you fire up the enhanced version of the game on the One X, you’ll notice the difference between the two consoles immediately. My driver, standing next to her car and casually swinging her arms, was distinctly more detailed, the composition of the fabric of her racing suit more obvious than before.

I hooked the One X up to our 27-inch Acer S277HK 4K monitor and marveled at how crisp just the menus looked. I’ve been playing the game for about a month now, making slow but decent progress through the racing campaign, so that’s where I went, picking up where I left off with the Xbox One.

Textures are really vivd in the enhanced game. Paint designs and decals on the cars blend more seamlessly into one another; you don’t see jagged, pixelated edges where you used to. In races, details on the other cars stand out a lot more and the scenery flashing by doesn’t look as flat.

Of course, there’s something to be said about playing on a monitor and versus playing on a television, which is what I use my regular Xbox One on. You sit much closer to a monitor, so the differences between its picture and the TV’s were easily picked out when I compared the consoles back-to-back. It was like getting glasses or contact lenses for the first time. You don’t really realize how much your vision has slipped until you put them on and look around. Then you wonder how you ever looked at things without them.

Admittedly, it’s a little hard to tell from here. But the One X offers an experience that is just that much crisper, brighter and more acute. And faster.

You spend a lot of Forza 7 sitting in loading screens. Track loading. Forever waiting for the track to load. It’s most infuriating when sometimes you hit the wrong button accidentally and start loading into a race when you don’t want to, and you have to wait for the thing to finish loading before you can cancel and go back to your menus.
I ran some more back-to-back tests and found that the average track loading time for the Xbox One X is 35 seconds, whereas it was 49 seconds for the Xbox One, which makes the One X’s loading time about 29 percent faster. It sounds significant on paper, but while you’re sitting there, messing around on your phone and waiting for the race to load, it doesn’t really feel like that huge of a difference.

There’s no doubt that the Xbox One X is a gorgeously performing machine. But if you don’t have a 4K monitor or TV to use it with, it’s kind of pointless. You’re not using it to its fullest potential. Plus, the new box costs $499.99, which is a lot of money to pay if you just want Forza to look better and load a bit faster. The rest of the game remains exactly the same.

To make the One X truly worth its price tag, it’s better if you play some of the other games on that Xbox One X Enhanced games list. I can tell you right now that Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Gears of War 4 were both stunning. And it makes the already striking Forza Motorsport 7 even more breathtaking. It’ll be hard to go back to a non-4K gaming experience after this. is one of the most professional online game currency stores online. We provide all hot game currency for gamers, now Forza 7 Credits is full in stock and on promotion, do not miss it! We promise all Forza 7 Credits are hand-farmed with 100% safety. You can join our affiliate program to win free credits too. Buy FM7 Credits and enjoy the game from now!

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2018 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series Logo


The Capitals and Maple Leafs Prepare for the NHL’s First-Ever Outdoor Game at a Service Academy.

ARLINGTON, Va. – The National Hockey League and Washington Capitals will unveil the 2018 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ logo as the team prepares to host the Toronto Maple Leafs® outdoors at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on March 3, 2018. The logo will be revealed at tomorrow’s Navy-SMU game, which will be attended by Capitals defensemen Matt Niskanen and John Carlson.

In addition, both the Capitals and Maple Leafs team crests will also be unveiled for the outdoor game.

In May, the NHL announced that the Capitals will host the Maple Leafs in a regular-season outdoor game will be played at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, home of the NCAA Division I, Navy Midshipmen, on Saturday, Mar. 3, 2018. The game will be broadcast in primetime on NBC in the United States and on CBC and TVA Sports in Canada at 8 p.m. ET.

NHL 18 is a hockey simulation game developed by EA Sports based on the National Hockey League, published for PS4 and XboxOne. The game also features several game modes such as: Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Mode, revamped version of “be a GM”, Manager Mode, Franchise Mode etc. NHL 18 Coins is the in-game currency to buy players and player packs.

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Madden 18,Week 10 NFL simulation results

The weekly simulation put up yet another winning record last week making it three in a row. Can it go for a fourth using the power of Madden NFL 18?
As we head into Week 10 of the NFL season the weekly Madden simulation continues going on strong. Last week it posted a record of 8-5 that included wins for Cowboys and Eagles while Atlanta’s rout of Carolina didn’t exactly happen on the real gridiron. The record marks the third-straight week that the simulation has ended up over .500 in the record book bumping up the season’s total record to 74-58. Can the simulation go another week with a winning record or will this little streak finally come to an end? Here are the guidelines as always:

Absolutely no user games were played.
Live rosters used were up to date as of November 8 2017 and we had to make just a few changes to account for injuries and suspensions
Screenshots were taken after using Super Sim.
Settings included All-Pro difficulty Simulation sliders and six-minute quarters.
Seattle Seahawks 27 Arizona Cardinals 13

Russell Wilson threw for 230 yards and scored touchdowns through the air and on the ground as Seattle cruised to a double-digit division win. Wilson also completed 70 percent of his passes that included a 12-yard score to Nick Vannett just before halftime that opened up their lead. His rushing touchdown came from a yard out earlier in the second quarter after a long drive.

Thomas Rawls also punched in a touchdown early in the third quarter as Seattle went on a tear of 24 unanswered points in the second and third quarters after falling behind 6-0. Rawls took 26 carries for 113 yards to lead all rushers. Drew Stanton put up 134 yards and a nine-yard touchdown to Jermaine Gresham in the third quarter for the Cardinals. Adrian Peterson ran for 58 yards on 15 carries and Larry Fitzgerald led Arizona’s receivers with five catches for 41 yards as the team struggled on offense all game long.

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EA’s servers support games like the NHL 18, which is currently declining


While it may merely be a Wednesday evening players in NHL 18 are always looking to get their stick on the ice. Particularly in online modes like Hockey Ultimate Team timeliness and grind are an important part of the recipe for success. Unfortunately it appears as though EA’s Servers are currently down. This is leaving a large part of the gaming population scratching their head wondering what to do.

As you can plainly see from the chart above roughly an hour ago players started to have problems connecting to EA’s servers. While this is not an uncommon experience at times the recent increase on a game’s reliance to “call home” can mean that even single-player experience are affected.

EA is certainly on the case of the root cause of this server down time but that doesn’t satisfy gamers who pay not only a hefty price tag for the game but in many cases also a monthly fee just to play online. Whether it’s PlayStation Network servers Xbox Live server or the game servers of a large publisher like EA downtime will almost always bring out the pitchforks.

I can’t really blame folks for being upset but may I suggest a solution for this evening especially for the NHL 18 players? Turn off the PC or console and switch to TSN Sportsnet NBC or whatever your local flavor of TV station is and watch a good ol’ fashion hockey game!

Then check back after as we’re sure this outage is temporary. Good luck and keep your stick on the ice!

NHL 18 is a hockey simulation game developed by EA Sports based on the National Hockey League published for PS4 and XboxOne. The game also features several game modes such as: Hockey Ultimate Team Online Mode revamped version of “be a GM” Manager Mode Franchise Mode etc. NHL 18 Coins is the in-game currency to buy players and player packs.

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An ‘NBA 2K18′ Experiment

There’s no question, Wilt Chamberlain is one of the most dominant players in the history of the NBA or even professional sports. Chamberlain’s laundry list of eye-popping statistical accomplishments and superhero-like athletic feats puts him on a short list of mythical legends.

Chamberlain’s career began in 1959 and came to an end in 1973. While we got to see him compete against the likes of Bill Russell, Bob Pettit, Walt Bellamy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, we didn’t see him play against today’s best players and teams. We’ll never know for sure what Wilt could have accomplished in today’s game, but NBA 2K18 allows us to carry out our own little experiments to pit players from other eras against each other.
With this tool, I looked to find out what Chamberlain could do as the leader of a bad team in today’s NBA. I took the 99-rated Chamberlain from the All-Time Golden State Warriors team in the game and placed him on the roster of the lowly 2017-18 Chicago Bulls.
Wilt scored 46 points and 23 rebounds in first regular season matchup with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he led the Bulls to the victory.
He scored 29 points and grabbed 20 rebounds in a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder
Chamberlain racked up 31 points and 19 rebounds in a road loss to the Golden State Warriors
Chamberlain was an All-Star starter in the Eastern Conference and scored 31 points with 24 rebounds in the All-Star Game.
Led Bulls to No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and a 55-27 record.
He won Defensive Player of the Year, made All-NBA and All-Defensive first team.
Led the league in rebounding and blocked shots. Posted seasonal averages of 20.8 points, 15.9 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 3.2 blocks, but he made just 57 percent of his free throws.
Chamberlain and the Bulls were pushed to seven games in the first round, but they blew through the Washington Wizards in five and the Cavaliers in four to reach the NBA Finals.
In the Finals, the Warriors destroyed the Bulls in a four-game sweep.

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