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Stardew Valley Mobile: How to Visit Ginger Island

Players can now visit Ginger Island thanks to the Stardew Valley 1.5 update, which previously could only be teased and hinted at. The Fern Islands, which were previously only alluded to in-game dialogue, include Ginger Island. A beach farm layout, new NPCs, and an additional island to explore are just a few of the brand-new features included in this release. Additionally, it offers Ginger Island, a brand-new location where players can find new artifacts, events, and secrets. Being only reachable by boat, the island is challenging to reach. This tutorial will explain how to visit Ginger Island in Stardew Valley so that players may get ready for the game’s Stardew Valley for Sale.


How to Unlock Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

After finishing the game, players must go to Stardew Valley to access Ginger Island. Each bundle must be completed in the neighborhood hub. Players can also buy a JoJaMart membership for each upgrade in the warehouse that takes the place of the Community Center as an alternative. Players can start the procedures for traveling to Ginger Island whenever any of these alternatives have been finished (which typically takes one to two years in the game).


Willy should write the players a note inviting them to come to the back room of his store on the docks. They will find a decaying ship within this old secret port. With the right supplies, the ship can be repaired. Since this ship is the only method to reach Ginger Island, players who want to go there must get to work.


The player needs 200 Hardwood Blocks, 5 Battery Packs, and 5 Iridium Bars to repair the spacecraft. Hardwood is simple to get by because the six enormous stumps that grow every day in the secret forest may be easily removed with an ax made of steel or better. Players can earn at least 12 pieces of hardwood per day because each giant stump drops two pieces of hardwood. Players can even plant mahogany trees on their property to add even more.


What does Ginger Island have?

More additions to the game are introduced by this new island than in earlier upgrades. North, South, East, and West make up the four quadrants of the island. Players can unlock unique features in each region. Players will have the chance to collect golden walnuts all across the island, which will unlock a few new features. There are 130 Golden Walnuts in all on the island, and they are located in the Volcano, Water, and Golden Coconut Dungeons.


The Island Trader and the Island Field Office, where the player can deliver fossils to Professor Snail, are located on the island’s northern side. (You must first set Professor Snail free.) To the north is the Volcano Dungeon as well. Similar to their farm in Stardew Valley, players can use a farm on the western side of the island. You can plant crops here once the rubble has been removed. The only part of the island where players can go foraging for food and looking for bracken is on the east side. Leo will also be waiting for you here.


The only place where players can fish is on the south side, which is also where players stop when they arrive on the island. A mermaid who lives on an ocean rock and appears when it rains has a secret code that can be deciphered. Here, players can even open up beach resorts.


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