EA’s servers support games like the NHL 18, which is currently declining


While it may merely be a Wednesday evening players in NHL 18 are always looking to get their stick on the ice. Particularly in online modes like Hockey Ultimate Team timeliness and grind are an important part of the recipe for success. Unfortunately it appears as though EA’s Servers are currently down. This is leaving a large part of the gaming population scratching their head wondering what to do.

As you can plainly see from the chart above roughly an hour ago players started to have problems connecting to EA’s servers. While this is not an uncommon experience at times the recent increase on a game’s reliance to “call home” can mean that even single-player experience are affected.

EA is certainly on the case of the root cause of this server down time but that doesn’t satisfy gamers who pay not only a hefty price tag for the game but in many cases also a monthly fee just to play online. Whether it’s PlayStation Network servers Xbox Live server or the game servers of a large publisher like EA downtime will almost always bring out the pitchforks.

I can’t really blame folks for being upset but may I suggest a solution for this evening especially for the NHL 18 players? Turn off the PC or console and switch to TSN Sportsnet NBC or whatever your local flavor of TV station is and watch a good ol’ fashion hockey game!

Then check back after as we’re sure this outage is temporary. Good luck and keep your stick on the ice!

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