FIFA 17 was happy with the planning for the event

The government set the ball rolling for hosting the U-17 World Cup next year by authorising the sports ministry to constitute an organising committee for smooth conduct of the event, while giving its stamp of approval to the changes suggested by FIFA’s inspection team. The union cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, discussed some key issues regarding the tournament and gave its approval. Sony has just announced that PlayStation VR is going to be launched in October this year, that’s a little later than we predicted but also later than Sony itself had hoped.

This is going to be the biggest sporting event that India has hosted cheap fifa 17 coins on an international scale. Now, you guys (particularly the cricket-crazy Indian sports fans!) might be wondering, “Wait a minute, didn’t India host the ICC Cricket ODI World Cup in 2011, and aren’t they also the hosts for the ICC 2016 T20 Cricket World Cup?!? Surely these events are bigger and harder to organize, right?!” Well, it’s a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ sorta thing. You see, cricket is a pretty big deal in India, no doubt about it, but on a worldwide scale, football( or ‘soccer’ for y’all ‘mericans! ).

pretty much dwarfs cricket. Whether it’s in terms of revenue, spectators etc, football is bigger and much more influential. The number of worldwide TV viewers. Seit FIFA 16 gehören Frauen-Teams dazu. Nun scheint EA Sports das Thema in FIFA 17 weiter ausbauen zu wollen. Die norwegische Nationalspielerin Ada Hegerberg postete bei Instagram ein Bild, auf dem sie von allen Seiten fotografiert wird. Dazu platzierte sie den Hashtag #FIFA17 in den Post.

Bisher gab es zwölf Frauen-Teams im Spiel. Nun wird spekuliert, dass es in FIFA 17 bis zu 16 Nationalmannschaften werden könnten. Though the FIFA delegation was happy with the planning for the showpiece event, planning needed implementation was what they said. With the deadline for making the stadia and all other infrastructural requirements, like dressing rooms, practice pitches and visual obstruction-free sitting arrangements, ready being October 2016, the big question is this: will our Central, state and regional agencies be able to meet the deadline?

“This is a matter of national pride as we help create world class infrastructure, bring in professional planning and execution and deliver the best possible tournament to India’s football lovers. We see this as the onset of a ‘football revolution’ in India.” Obviously the vast majority of customers for Sony’s headset will already own a PlayStation 4 console, with an installed userbase of 35m, but with a new console costing around £270 at present the total cost of VR is way below that of its competitors.

Who will need to shell out for a powerful gaming fifa 17 points PC (around £700). If you own one of these already then the costs are moot of course. These are the words of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) general secretary Kushal Das when India was awarded the right to host the 2017 under-17 World Cup. The under-17 tournament can be the perfect stepping stone for India in so many ways. It will be the first time that India will participate in a football world cup.

The senior team can use this as motivation to qualify for the FIFA world cup in the years to come. The younger generation of Indian sports fans can witness a great sporting event and maybe they can gain inspiration to represent their nation one day. Surprisingly, it also priced the headset at the GDC event in San Francisco, with it costing £349 inc VAT in the UK (compared to $399 plus sales tax in the US).