A large number of players are enjoying the milestone Blade & Soul

After debuting in South Korea back in 2012, NCSoft West has finally launched the martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul in the west as of January 19th 2016. The milestone number of players enjoying Blade & Soul is not too surprising. Just a day after its western launch, developers of the game announced that more servers would open soon due to high demand for the game. blade and soul gold As the Inquisitr reported, Blade & Soul launched with 10 North America servers and 12 European servers.

You may have seen this before — Blade & Soul has been out in Asian countries since its 2012 launch in Korea. Having spent only a little bit of time in the beta myself, I’d managed to almost but not quite get to the part where the glowing bits called Dragon Pulses become a movement option. Tower of Mushin – This single-player dungeon is split into floors with its own challenges and monsters. It will begin with floors one through seven, with an eighth (and possibly more) coming later. This dungeon has proven incredibly popular with players in other regions and will include speedrun challenges and leaderboards to encourage replays.

Even after taking measures to alleviate queues like an idle kick function, free transfers, and character creation locks, too many players remained looking for enough server room to play the game. Quite a lot is already known about Blade & Soul’s western version already: staggered story updates, no fatigue system, seven classes, 30 dungeons, a level cap of 45, and a skill-based 1v1 Arena. Martial arts MMORPG Blade & Soul launched in the West today, bringing with it one of the most gut-wrenchingly awesome movement systems I’ve ever experienced in the genre. Hold on to your stomachs, kids.

Bloodshade Harbor – Another epic dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor will challenge players to fight a pirate admiral. Naryu Labyrinth – This unique epic dungeon is a twisting maze with three levels of content, each with its own boss fights and special challenges. It will conclude with players fighting the gods of thunder and wind. Silverfrost Mountain expansion – This major add-on will open up a new continent in the world of Blade & Soul, as well as new dungeons and an increased level cap of 50. New clan levels will allow players to do complex clan crafting, and the storyline will receive a new act that includes a showdown with the game’s initial main antagonist.

But Siliconera was able to catch up with Sean Corocran, Blade & Soul’s senior brand manager, to find out what else NCSoft has planned for the game’s launch period – it’s presented in the Q&A below. Blade & Soul has a significant eSports presence in Korea, and they recently held the 2015 World Championship event in November featuring players from Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan. We will support our community in the West in the early stages on the eSports front, and plan to start pre-seasons shortly after launch.

The first official season will then begin after we (the US and Europe) have caught up in game in PvP content to the other regions. Once we do begin our seasons, they will last about a month long. We will also have more to share on this in the coming months. Do you have any special events planned for during or soon after Blade & Soul’s launch this January? Sean Corcoran, senior brand manager: buy blade and soul gold We will have special events following launch including surrounding specific holidays and more, but we can’t announce anything at this time.