Blizzard start to tweak with the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade options, including a new level cap

The beta phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic also ran on the weekend, of course, and the hard-working testers gained numerous new insights. For example, you should wait to buy new bank accounts, Urnether is bound when you pick it up and the previously tested recipes that you have to buy in limited form from retailers have a humane cooldown.

The Burning Crusade remains an invite-only event for now but there are plenty of people who have managed to smash through what’s already available.

Players selected to participate in the beta test will receive an email invitation directing them to download the beta client directly from the desktop app.

So is it finally going? Unfortunately, no. Nobody could log into the beta server. The confusion was resolved a few hours ago by Blizzard employee Josh Allen: The Burning Crusade Classic beta has not yet started. It is thanks to a bug that the beta appeared in the launcher. So far, no one outside of Blizzard has been selected for access

Players who want to stay in World of Warcraft Classic with the latest patch, Shadow of the Necropolis, will get the opportunity to migrate characters to the new “Era” servers, while the other version of the game will be automatically upgraded to Burning Crusade. The moment races of draenei and blood elves appear in the menu within the game, we will know that the way out is near, and as the sparrows on the branch already know, this chapter of the story takes us to Outland where “new” tasks, dungeons, raids await us. flying and so on. In any case, we have no doubt that the masses of old “wowers” will get used to playing again, and some with an active subscription and an invitation received are probably already teasing their friends from the guild by recounting their adventures from Outland.

Full patch notes for today’s changes can be found below, courtesy of Blizzard:


Art and Visuals

Fixed a variety of issues to lighting and fog effects.
Outlands zones are currently missing some ground foliage and detail objects.
Fixed an issue where male Trolls had an invalid skin color option.
Fixed an issue with Crust Burster’s spell visuals.
Fixed an issue with FelReaver’s movement animation.


Fixed an issue where area-of-effect damage caps were not functioning properly.
Teleport: Moonglade is no longer missing from the level 58 Druid character templates.
The Hunter ability The Beast Within now functions properly.
The Paladin ability Seal of Blood now properly performs its primary damage effect.
The Paladin ability Pure of Heart now properly increases resistance to curses and diseases.
The Priest ability Pain Suppression now properly increases resistance to Dispel mechanics.
Shaman totem buffs are now displayed in the buff list.
The Warrior talent Second Wind now triggers on Immobilize effects.

So far, Blizzard has not provided a full release schedule for the Classic Burning Crusade experience.

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